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Why Take A Holiday To Transylvania?

In the middle in the middle of Romania, Transylvania is one of the most picturesque and beautiful regions in the country. People here are warm and warm! When you arrive in this wonderful area, you’ll feel at your own.

After a few days spent in the region, I’d like to share 5 most compelling reasons to visit Transylvania. Absolutely, it’s one of the places you must go to!

1. Local’s hospitality

The locals are warm and friendly. They will do their best to assist you and answer any questions there are any. Do not be afraid to ask assistance! They’re more than happy to advise you on what you should look for and how to plan your vacation! The majority of Romanians have a basic understanding of English and are especially young generation. Even those who do not speak English try their best to assist you.

A Romanian will always be there to welcome you into his home and offer you his meals.

It is not long before you become friends and you will be able to talk like you’ve been friends for quite a while.

2. Traditional and delicious food that is tasty

Food is a crucial factor when traveling, and is one of the primary reasons to go to Transylvania. Food tasting is an essential part of your journeys. Yes! If you’re prone to having an upset stomach or similar, you must be cautious about the food you consume while traveling abroad. If not, you’ve got no reason to worry! Trust me! The food in Transylvania is delicious! It’s delicious and diverse! I recommend you to take a look at all the local cuisines that are available which includes meals, soups and desserts.

For Romanians the traditional Romanian meal comprises three courses: stew, main meal and dessert. Be ready to eat plenty!

Tripe soup (“ciorba de burta”), “Sarmale”, “Papanasi” is a great example of a classic food. It is also possible to try the polenta dish with cheese, stew of pork and pork chops served with beans.

3. Beautiful landscapes

Other reasons to travel to Transylvania are stunning scenery as well as wildlife and wild nature. Small towns hidden in mountains, and traditional homes hidden in greenery, and a tiny church perched on top of a hill is found almost all over Transylvania.

Wine plantations and fog-filled hills conceal wildlife. Rabbits, foxes and bears are just a few of the wild animals living in the old forest in the region.

A deep sense of ease surrounds your body!

A misty atmosphere covers wild landscape! The beauty of everything is breathtaking!

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4. Medieval castles

Transylvania is a city filled with the past. Archeological excavations have revealed this. In some castles, there were ruins, but other castles have been occupied and, step by step, they restored their former glamour and popularity.
Bran Castle Jidvei Castle, Corvin Castle Peles Castle, Jidvei Castle, Bran Castle are all good reasons to go to Transylvania.

These are the most renowned and well-preserved castles of Transylvania.

Some castles are accessible to the public, such as Bran, Corvin and Peles and some are open for certain occasions, like Jidvei Castle.

Bran castle is among the most popular places to visit because its past is connected to Dracula.

When you go there, you get the chance to learn about what and where Dracula lived.

5. Fortified churches

History and religion are closely linked in Romania. Churches were surrounded by massive and high walls to safeguard the people from attacks. Turkish, Hungarians and others are trying to take over Transylvania region. Locals seek refuge inside fortified church.

Fortified churches played an significant role in Romanian history , and are a part of the

There are many reasons to visit Transylvania. Many of the churches are listed as UNESCO World Heritage. I would suggest Prejmer, Saschiz and Calnic as the most significant items of the region. Harman as well as Cisnadie Fortified Churches are also gorgeous and well preserved.

The hospitality, the beautiful landscape castles, beautiful medieval landscapes, and delicious food are only a few of the reasons that made me want to visit Transylvania. It was a peaceful and wonderful vacation! I’d definitely return!