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Why Go To Sydney?

An amazing natural setting as well as a lively culture as well as a rich and proud history, beautiful and strange wildlife are just a few of the factors that draw you to Sydney. If you’re looking for more inspiration check out the following article!

The top 10 reasons you should go to Sydney

1. The landmarks are famous

A city visit isn’t just about the landmarks. The grand monuments and stunning views are fantastic however, I’m not saying that they aren’t however, each city has something to offer in terms of heritage and culture as well as its own identity. But in Sydney the major landmarks are a joy for all around and, in some way, blend perfectly into the surrounding landscape. In particular I’m thinking of those landmarks: the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. In addition to being stunning and easily identifiable built by humans, both are a part of the tale of Sydney. When you visit Sydney Harbour, you surely will be amazed and be captivated by these two iconic landmarks.

2. Colonial history

Sydney is the capital city of culture and commercial capital of Australia. The colony was founded on 17th July, 1788. It was founded by the Captain Phillip and, if you decide to visit Sydney, you’ll be right where the story of modern-day Australia started… When it was the First Fleet landed initially in Botany Bay, which was further towards the South, the beginning of the colony was based in Circular Quay. Today, it is a major transport hub. every person who comes to Sydney passes through it. The Rocks is the first neighborhood that was established and is located just across Circular Quay. It’s amazing to walk through the location that was the site of “beginnings” as you see monuments indicating where the first hospital, and the like… When you’re from Europe which is more ancient, it’s very unique feeling.

3. Sydneysiders are enamoured with their past criminals

Sydney Cove Colony Sydney Cove Colony was founded to protect criminals… It was true that England considered it to have enough, and they were taken off onto boats to settle an entirely new territory. It’s a fascinating and sometimes horrific story, however, Australians are surprisingly proud of their heritage. Some of the first stone structures that was constructed in Sydney can be found in one of the Hyde Park Barracks, and was designed to house convicts sent there to serve in the colonies. After the convict transport stopped but Sydney’s past is full of dangerous gangs like the Larrikins in the 1890’s, and the Razor Gangs in the 1920s.

4. The distances are insane.

Australia is a huge nation and the distances between cities are huge. Sydney is not any different It is a dispersed city. From west to east and from north and south it is approximately 80 km… It will require some planning for travel and, if you are from Europe such as Europe it is important to learn to adapt to the situation. Positively, it is a sign that Sydney is a diverse city. You are able to choose your life style according to which area you prefer to reside. You can choose to live near an ocean or in the forest There’s something to suit every person.

5. The most memorable events are always no cost

With its stunning geographical location, Sydney is very skilled in making the most of its surroundings. Australia is an extremely open and democratic society , and it is known for its major public events. If you are in Sydney it is possible that there is the possibility of attending one of the major events like The New Year’s Eve Fireworks, the Mardi Gras Festival, Vivid Sydney or Sculpture by the Sea. The events are all open to the public for free and Sydney is a beautiful backdrop.

6. Street art is highly valued

Certain street art is an eye-sore and can be expensive to remove. However, certain neighborhoods in Sydney offer a completely different and more positive perspective. Newtown is a snarky neighborhood to the south of the CBD and easily accessible via trains or buses. It is renowned for its bars and microbreweries. The local council runs an initiative that allows street artists to create murals that improve the appearance of the surrounding area. The art work is created in collaboration with the owner of the building . They usually relate to the region. There are many great works in the gallery and a stroll through Newtown is an innovative approach to looking at an urban space.

7. It can be described as… distinct

When I first came to Australia I was convinced that I could speak good English… However, I was still learning Australian dialect… Its accent can be difficult, but not American and certainly not English and yet very unique Australian… What’s more, the best part is in its fun, and odd words… Have you ever thought about the fact that the most popular activity in Australia is like being… totally out as a lizard drinking?

8. Wildlife can pose a risk to humans.

Australians like to believe that every animal is out to take your life… and it is true that the majority of animals, including sharks and snakes are not something to mess by… The majority of the animals that are dangerous reside in the wilderness or in the ocean, but not as much in the urban zones However, they’re present, and you must be cautious. The good news is that Sydney is a very green city, and has plenty of beaches and parks which means that wildlife is abundant. Additionally, certain animals appear very threatening, but are unlikely to be attacked.

9. or just bizarre…

A lot of Australian species are found only here, and they all have distinct features… That is what makes them so charming and you can observe this species in the safety of Taronga Zoo, the Sydney Aquarium and other animal reserves. Who would have believed that a huge jumping rabbit carrying its young in a bag is now an Australian iconic image?

Click here for maps of Sydney.

10. Sydney is a city with an active outdoor culture

Sydney is blessed with a wonderful climate, which is mild but not overly humid. According to Northern Hemisphere standards, the winter is mild. In reality, winter can have extremely pleasant days. It is true that summer can be extremely hot and very hot. However, the positives of these conditions combined with the abundant green space in the metropolitan region, suggests it is clear that Sydney can be described as a place that has turned to the outdoors. Many of the social activities occur outdoors such as barbecues and picnics to weddings and sports… If you travel to Sydney it is an opportunity to observe how people live their lives outside. One of my most favorite things to do in the early morning is go to the beach and watch the different types of people that go there: joggers, swimmers dogs, families, and even families eating breakfast…

Then, why do you need to go to Sydney? !

Sydney is very varied and its inhabitants are extremely welcoming. If you’re either a family member or business traveler or backpacker, there’s plenty to do and see. Certain landmarks are unique and breathtaking however, the culture is something you should explore too. I would like to give you the opportunity to explore this stunning city.