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Why Buy A Roof Rack Tent?

Do you like sleeping on rough uneven ground during your camping trip? Perhaps not. What about that back massage caused by stray fragments of dirt?

With the prospect of hiking for days and other strenuous activities to come you’ll need a restful sleeping routine – every night.

A lot of campgrounds offer cabins to hire – ideal for those who aren’t the most sleepy and anyone else who needs the assurance of a good night’s sleep. However, we don’t want to limit ourselves to campgrounds.

Camping in the wilderness does not have to be uncomfortable, unpredictably and uncomfortable struggle. The use of a roof rack tent can solve this issue – as well as many more. Find out more.


Get up refreshed and rested on a comfy mattress. You still have the chance to enjoy the natural world and sleep under the stars, but you will get a great night’s sleep.

The majority of roof top tents have built-in mattresses. They differ in thickness, and you’ll discover the most comfortable in tents with hard shells. Certain models have foam toppers.

Protection against the elements

If you’re camping, the wet weather can be a source of irritation for a variety of reasons: prior to, during and after the occasion.

The tents come to the rescue. There is no need to worry about putting up your tent on the ground that is muddy. There’s no need to worry about snow, standing water or anything else related to clearing your tent’s site.

As opposed to a ground tent that is a ground tent, you don’t have to worry about floods or sleep on cold damp ground. A few models have Awnings, so should you need to go out, you’ll have a protection.

When you are packing in your camping gear, you won’t need to scrub off any dirt. It’s not necessary to keep the tent that is dirty and wet in your vehicle. If it’s raining during your travels all you have to do is open your tent and allow it to dry.


You are able to camp wherever you like. There is no need to search for flat, level ground to rest on. When the surface is uneven the idea is to place pieces of wood beneath the tires can level things out.

It’s possible to set up an outdoor roof rack in just a few minutes, and they’re simple to take down. There are some tents that have built-in ladders, while others come with ladders that you can attach in just a few seconds. You don’t have to take your sleeping bags. When you relocate you can spread them out and put them in the new location. The next time you go to the tent then you’re good to go.

The hard shells are more straightforward to put together as opposed to soft shells. Be aware of the vehicle’s heightand it will require longer to set up on a taller structure. If you own garage, make sure the vehicle is able to fit inside, with the tent fully open. It is necessary to do this when you intend to dry it inside.

Tents that have annexes are ideal for adding additional space to the ground to sleep, washing , or as a changing area. A good illustration of this is one of them is the ARB Simpson III Softshell Rooftop Tent and Annex Combo, which is also widely used as jeep roof tents.

Pest and predator protection

Spiders, snakes, and other bugs, small and large It’s not difficult for them to enter but the fact that you’re sleeping at a higher elevation isn’t a good idea. The fact is rooftop racks for tents were designed to be used for camping in the Australian outback.


Roof top tents provide more ventilation than tents on the ground since air circulates between the tent’s base and the vehicle’s roof. The various body fabrics are offered based on the needs of your. If you are looking for ventilation models that feature polycotton or cotton are the best option.

The mats have built-in anti-condensation features are very common. They can be found in the mattress or under the roof of a hard shell.


In any climate you can choose a weather-proof option. If you are in harsh conditions or stronger winds, consider the tough shell tent. The shells are made of fiberglass or aluminum, making them tough, durable and waterproof. In colder conditions there are many models that offer the option of adding additional insulation.

Ample tents are equipped with awnings that cover the doors and windows – they provide ventilation with no moisture getting in.

Even though the tent is situated off-ground doesn’t mean there won’t have issues with wind. Additionally, hard shell roofs are a solid structure. It is possible to place the canopy overhanging in the ground to provide additional support. This can also lessen the sound of the fabric flapping.

Another benefit over ground tents is that it’s easier to put up your tent in weather conditions that are windy.

They’re fun!

If you are camping in the forest, the kids (and large kids) can take pleasure in the atmosphere of a treehouse. Some models can hold up to six people , so you can bring your entire family.

Like everything else they aren’t impervious to flaws. Let’s take a look at some negatives and solutions.



They can be heavy. Soft shell models are less heavy than the front-runner roof top tent that weighs 93 pounds. On the other hand, the largest ones are made of hardshell and weigh in at 215 pounds. It may require two people to lift it up, which can be difficult for larger vehicles.

Before you purchase, verify that the tent will work with the roof’s capacity for weight. It is important to take into consideration the capacity for static weight (when it’s not) as well as the dynamic capacity (when it’s moving). Check that the maximum load your vehicle can support is not over the limit that includes the weight of anyone who is staying in your tent as well as the weight of the roof rack itself.

Think about whether you’re comfortable driving on an older model, as the weight increase can impact the car’s center of gravity.

Roof racks may not all handle the weight of heavier tents. It may be necessary upgrade to something more durable according to the model you have you eyeing.

What is the best roof rack for your top-of-the-line tents? There’s no universal solution. One option that’s flexible could be an option like the Yakima LockNLoad platform. It is available in six sizes and comes with a the capacity of 300 pounds, based on your vehicle’s specs. Eezi Awn have some heavy model that are suitable for Jeeps, Land Rovers and other off-road vehicles.

Storage space

What if you wanted to put kayaks or bikes on your roof? Of course, keeping them in inside a tent is going to make it difficult to store them. Some designs allow you to put the space to put your tent in, but , of course you’ll are losing some.

If you own an RV, you could install the tent over it to use the roof rack to store other things. They can also be used over the bed of a truck. Certain hard shells come with external storage (a kind of pop-up roof rack for a camper) and you could increase the storage space.


These tents aren’t suitable for those who has mobility issues and is unable to climb ladders. Be aware that you’ll have to walk up and down the ladder in order to go to the bathroom at night.

Height limit

There’s not enough room for people to sit in these tents. The solution is to buy one with an Annex.

Do roof racks harm your vehicle?

But only if you adhere to the installation guidelines of the manufacturer and be careful in loading and unloading and stay the weight limit of your vehicle. They’ll need regular maintenance and should be removed once in intervals to wash off any dirt and ensure that all is in good working good order. Don’t ever drive through the car wash without roof racks.

The Verdict

Easy to set up, simple to use and adaptable. If you choose the correct roof rack tent suitable for the vehicle you are driving, you’ll be able to have pest-free, non-flooding camp in any season.

Roof top tents can be a great option, there is no need to be carrying around muddy, wet canvas. No more looking for even ground so that you are able to get some rest. No more having to struggle to set up your tent in the rain and wind.