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The Best Reasons To Take A Campervan Holiday

A trip in a campervan doesn’t need to be expensive and the cost of living crisis getting in the way!

I’m here to assure you that it is your responsibility to manage your budget when on holiday with the campervan and it doesn’t have to cost an arm an arm. Here are a few of my top points and suggestions on how to stay in the budget in check to stop you from dreading returning home to review your bank account.

The most appealing aspect of a camping holiday is that you are in control of the plan and you can decide where you’d like to travel. You’re free to travel the road to travel at your own pace as opposed to car rentals and B&Bs, you’re not bound to a particular place at a specific time. If you’re enjoying a particular area and aren’t yet done exploring Why not stay longer? You can simply park the campervan, relax and take a break.

There are all the amenities on board the campervan, including a an incredibly comfortable bed, a shower, toilet, excellent outdoor kitchen equipment, such as table and chairs for picnics. When you’re in the mood for having a cup of coffee, you are able to pull up where you are safe to boil the kettle, relax outside in a tranquil setting. You don’t have to be worried about what the next café might be sell drinks so that you can get to the bathroom.

If you’re interested in water sports or other outdoor pursuits, the main benefit of campervan hire Scotland is the ability to bring your own equipment along and cut down on the costs of renting equipment. In addition, unlike a car when you come back from a trip, you’ll find the warmth of your campervan is waiting for you. And you can take an energizing shower and get changed in a comfortable manner.

You can also take your own food items with you that reduces the cost of dining out, which can be quite expensive, plus you’ll benefit from being aware of what you’re eating, especially when you’re traveling with someone who has allergies or is just a bit picky eaters. There’s no need to carry all of your food throughout the week, there are many grocery stores that can help you buy fresh food items I would suggest to plan ahead and create the meal plan. This will take the worry and stress away from planning meals while you’re traveling.

Some activities aren’t expensive therefore, make sure you do some forward planning. You can have days when you pay little or any, and when you are required to make a payment for an excursion, you don’t need to fret about the expense and you can simply enjoy your excursion.

Days off for free could include the following:

If you are planning to spend a day at the beach, take swimming, just remember to bring your spade and bucket.
Get your bicycles and cycle along a route, there are many choices to choose from like around the coast or through the forest routes.
Tourist attractions like museums and standing stones are open to the public for free.
Explore locations that were famousized by Hollywood films, such as the Glenfinnan viaduct, which you’ll recognize as part of The Harry Potter films or Glencoe and see if you are able to pinpoint where certain scenes from the James Bond films were filmed.
A few tourist attractions like the folk museum in the Highlands and the botanical gardens require small donations, so please give whatever you can.
There is some of the most stunning countryside, all marked So why not grab an appropriate pair of shoes and head out into the countryside for a stroll? You are never sure what you will encounter.

Our campervans come fully outfitted, so you’re self-sufficient during your absence. This means that you will be able to significantly cut down on the amount you have to spend on camping. Campsites are priced at around 25 pounds per night. If you reduce the number of nights that you stay on a site (even even if you don’t remain on the site at all) then you could save quite a bit of money. I like to remain on a site each 3rd night , so that I can have a nice hot shower and then empty my trash and refill it with clean water, but it is your choice.

The price we offer is the amount you pay. There are no hidden costs included in the price including your sat-nav barbecue tables, picnic tables as well as crockery, pans and pots. All of these are included in the price of hire. You can add additional items to the rental, such as bicycle hire, bedding and towels, golf clubs hire, etc. When you get there to pick up the campervan you won’t be charged for additional fees.

Here are a few of my top suggestions to show you that camping holidays don’t have to be expensive and you’ll be within your budget by doing some advance planning. Therefore, even in the face of a price-of-living emergency, your family can still have holidays with fun, having a great time with your loved ones and making memories that won’t cost a amount of money.