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Reasons to travel to Turkey

Turkey is among the top destinations for travel around the world. It should be on every tourist’s list because it has something for every one of its guests. Nature, history, culture and much more are all within it.

The tourist season in Turkey runs between May and October. many people from all nations come to enjoy the warm temperatures of mid-year and the Mediterranean lifestyle, and the beautiful beaches. In the off-season the tourism business slows due to the short days and lengthy evenings, but it’s not brought to an abrupt stop. There are a few goals that continue in urging people to study the significance of Turkey and recognizing that people might think that there is nothing to gain from traveling to Turkey during the winter months, but low-season cost and smaller groups can be a enticing draw.

Sun and Sea Lovers’ Paradise

The enduring coastline of Turkey has created a part of the most stunning beaches, and they are available in a variety of forms such as sand, stones, and Bluff seashores.

Turkey is blessed with a wonderful climate. The summertime in the Southern regions lasts for six months throughout the year and is particularly prevalent the areas of Antalya and Bodrum which are the most well-known “sun and sea” tourist spots. Blue Voyage and Blue Cruising can let you enjoy the beach and turquoise waters with yachts. For those who love beaches it can be a highlight of cheap holidays to Turkey.

The history of Turkey

Turkey is very rich in history. Turkey is home to some of the greatest archeological sites of the world. Ephesus, City of Troy, Cappadocia, and St. Peter’s cave church are just a few of the many sites worth visiting in Turkey.

Aya Sofya

Known for being among the top beautiful structures on the planet The enthralling Byzantine splendor in The Aya Sofya Museum isn’t only one of the most popular things to do in Turkey. The stunning larger part of its exterior is surrounded by delicate minarets that were built in the Ottoman success, while the colossal and rich frescoes inside are a stunning evidence of Constantinople’s old-fashioned quality and strength. This landmark is a must be achieved by every traveler who visits the country.


It is a must-see and the unstoppable destruction of Ephesus is a city full of massive tourist sites with marble-separated avenues. One of the largest remaining Roman urban networks within the Mediterranean region This is the ideal place to discover what life could have was like during the glorious time that was The Roman Empire. A visit here can make for quite a long afternoon to cover the top highlights. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg should you need to do some research, make sure you plan your trip so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Mount Nemrut

Turkey is awash with documented places including Mount Nemrut is one of the most famous. It is a World Heritage recorded mountain with several notable statues and places. Absolutely, it is a place that you should visit in the event that you are a fan of historical sites!

Turkish Public Transportation, Accommodation and People

As with everything else, Turkey offers various kinds of accommodation to its guests. The country has some of the most stunning luxury and luxurious hotels around the world, with a special emphasis on Turkey’s Antalya region. On the other hand there are some beautiful and inexpensive hotels.

For some people for some, the phrase “open transport” brings back memories of pain and suffering. This, however can be once in a situation for residents of Istanbul. The most famous forms of transport that is found in Istanbul can be Istanbul’s Bosphorus ship ride that connects with the two continents. Remember when I mentioned eating a summit meal while using the public transportation? Yes, that’s it! The massive ships have been both inside and outside of the sitting area provide cay and summit to give you a an amazing experience driving. Learn from someone who used this form of transport on a regular basis. If you’re lucky enough to be in mid-season, you might even take a dolphin hopping or two!

People from Turkey

Turks are, when all is done and dusted, they are well-disposed and are extremely accommodating. Do not be shocked when they will be happy to have a cup of Caj or coffee or perhaps occasionally for dinner regardless of whether it’s a foreigner or not. The majority of Turks who you have encountered were attracted by their culture and were eager to share theirs with you. They are definitely the most compelling reason why anyone should travel to Turkey.

Shopping in Turkey

The Turkish Carpets are the ones that people buy the most. Turkish carpets are among the most well-known because they possess greater artistic qualities in comparison to other carpets across the globe. Visitors can also purchase authentic rugs, gifts, and Kilims.

Turkish Culture

As the population of Turkey is diverse, visitors will encounter a myriad of cultures during your trip to Turkey. The regions each have their unique culture of art, folklore, and even food customs. In the end, this contributes to the diversity of the country.


The main road that runs between East to West. Istanbul is an urban area that never lets down, with a wealth of beautiful palaces and structures. In addition, it is host to a vibrant nightlife and a variety of eateries. Istanbul is undoubtedly one of the cities in the world that everyone should experience at least at least once!

Turkish Food and Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is among the most popular cuisines around the world. It’s a blend with Mediterranean as well as Middle Eastern dishes. Turkey is renowned for its delicious foods such as coffee and tea. There are these delicious treats virtually everywhere in Turkey. The southeast region is famous for its Kebabs. Kebabs are a type of food served in small portions prior to the main meal is known as “Meze”. Meze is typically consumed along with the most well-known alcohol drink “Raki”. Seafood is also an important part of Turkish food.

If you are ever feeling hungry at any time and there isn’t any eateries to be located, do not fret because the roads have secured you. The menu includes balik Ekmek (fish sandwiches) along with mussels, right to Kokorec (sheep digestive tracts), Turkey has everything! I’m sure that the sheep’s digestive tracts sound disgusting, however believe me when I say that once you do it, you’ll find yourself coming back to try more. There are many options for people who are vegetable people or vegetarians. Turkey is renowned for its vegan food and, possibly, the most popular road meal includes grapevine leaves, rice, stuffed grapevine and cig-kofte.

Turkish Tea and Coffee

Another reason to go to Turkey is to enjoy an “Caj” (Tea) coffee. It’s a great way of getting rid of the tension and experiencing a swath of Turkish daily to day living.

Turkish Bath – Spa Experience

It is definitely is a must try if you’re in Turkey. Turkish bathing can help you relax and eliminate all negative energy from your body. It is popular with tourists because it blends traditional experiences and Far Eastern touches like certain massages, and aromatic scents.

Turkey Sports

This is for people who love nature. Visitors can enjoy a range of outdoor sports, including hiking and mountain biking, trekking and river rafting. There is also windsurfing, scuba diving kite surfing, wave paragliding, surfing, jet-skiing, parasailing, skiing. The golfing business within Turkey has grown to the point that it is now regarded as one of the top places to visit in Europe. The golf courses are stunning, especially located in Belek, Antalya.

You might have heard about Besiktas or Galatasaray because they have been playing in some of the greatest rivalries in football for a while recently, and recently, these teams have enlisted some of the best players in the world.

Turkey is a great place to start a business. Turkey

As Turkey is among the biggest economies of the world, and has a wealth of investment and business opportunities, particularly in the field of real estate A trip to Turkey could become a lucrative investment opportunity.

Money in Turkey

The currency of Turkey is known as the Turkish Lira. When it comes to purchasing power, it is less expensive that it is the Euro or Dollar. This can be a huge advantage for travellers who want to convert their Euros and Dollars into TL.

Tips: Convert your foreign currency to Turkish Lira upon the arrival in Turkey and pay in Turkish liras.