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Vibration Testing Capabilities

The testing of vibrations in laboratory conditions replicates conditions that a structure could encounter during its life. It is used to verify that the products are durable and safe when in use or during transit Vibration testing can identify problems with performance and possible failures prior to the time they begin.

We have years of experience with vibration testing lab services . Our vibration labs are equipped with electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic equipment that can reproduce high- and low-frequency conditions. With the most advanced control systems to meet vibration testing we are able to perform field replication of data as well as provide specific test levels to meet your needs and make sure your test sample is adequate to the job.

We assist companies in meeting the most recent defense requirements for auto, aerospace and commercial needs, which include:

Resonance Search and Dwell
A Narrow Band Random on Random
Sine-on Random
The combination of temperature and vibration
Histor Rotor Frequency Simulation
Gunfire Simulation
Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
The vibration of the blade (engine fan blades losing, and windmilling)

We follow a 3-step process to pinpoint the key decisions that must be taken to ensure a cost-effective and efficient vibration test. It will lower costs, improve the reliability of our equipment and speed up times to market.

We offer multi-axial simulation table (MAST) test for rattle and squeak. Random testing for vibration and shock will help to ensure stability of the material under the conditions of vibration in real-world environments. Our Servo Hydraulic systems simulate high displacement , low frequency events like Windmilling, Tire Burst, and seismic events.

Our Vibration Testing Services

Bounce and Shock Testing

Our bounce and shock testing services give you the data needed to replicate transportation conditions, guarantee the safety of your equipment and product in harsh environments and simulate conditions in service.

Seismic Simulation

Seismic simulation makes sure that vital equipment will operate correctly and safely throughout and following the event of a seismic. Our testing services evaluate the how non-structural equipment performs after major events like earthquakes or normal vibrations, such as near airports, railways or power stations.

A Combined Environmental Simulation

In combining with the effect of severe temperatures and vibration patterns at the same time to test for real-world conditions more quickly and precisely. Our vast array of hydraulic and electro-dynamic vibration equipment can be used with humidity, thermal and pressure chambers that replicate the conditions in service.