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Creating Virality: Steps to Crafting Your Own Trending Instagram Hashtag

In the dynamic world of Instagram, a single hashtag has the power to start a trend, create a movement, or even start a worldwide dialogue. Unquestionably, the influence of trending hashtags has increased user reach and turned regular postings into viral phenomena. But what causes a hashtag to become popular, and how can influencers and marketers use this strength? Let’s explore the intriguing world of viral hashtags for Instagram.

What Exactly Is a Hashtag?

Let’s grasp the fundamentals first before going further. A hashtag is a metadata tag that is used on social media sites like Instagram. It is indicated by the symbol “#” followed by a word or phrase. Content is categorised so that visitors who are interested in that subject may find it. It is a method of categorising and searching material according to themes or subjects.

The Structure of Trendy Hashtags

Relevance: They are in tune with the times, with current thought, or with popular culture.

They are often brief, memorable, and simple to spell.

Engagement: They promote user engagement and involvement.

Originality: They present a novel viewpoint or an original thought.

What Matters in Viral Hashtags:

Increased Visibility: A trending hashtag can reach many more people than simply your followers, increasing the visibility of your message.

Community Building: Users participating in a particular trending hashtag join a bigger discussion, creating a sense of community.

Brand Recognition: For companies, a trending hashtag may raise brand recognition, increase traffic, and enhance sales.

How to Develop (or Use) a Viral Hashtag:

Utilise resources like Instagram’s ‘Explore’ function or websites that focus on hashtag statistics to research trending topics.

Authenticity is important, so be yourself. It may look fake to use a hot hashtag that isn’t relevant to your company or message.

Encourage participation by producing material that motivates your audience to share their tales using the hashtag.

Work together to increase the reach of a hashtag by co-promoting it with influencers or other companies.

Case Studies: The Impact of Trending Hashtags

BlackLivesMatter is a campaign that began outside of Instagram to draw attention to racial injustice and inequality. Instagram has developed into a medium for activism, education, and storytelling.

ThrowbackThursday, often known as #TBT: A straightforward idea where individuals submit sentimental memories from their past. It turned into a weekly habit and is a perfect illustration of how hashtags with high participation can get viral.

Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign urged people to share a coke with a friend and upload it online with the hashtag. Combining offline and online contact was a brilliant piece of marketing.

The Drawback of Trending Hashtags

Despite the enormous advantages of viral hashtags, there may be dangers to watch out for:

Oversaturation: Your material may be lost in the cacophony if everyone is using a hashtag.

Misalignment: Using a popular hashtag that is out of sync with your message or brand might be detrimental.

Controversies: Some hashtags may be contentious or polarising. In order to prevent alienating certain audience segments, brands should exercise caution.

Identifying the Upcoming Viral Hashtag:

Although there is no surefire recipe for virality, keeping an eye on the news might be helpful:

Stay Current: Follow news in your industry, popular culture, and current events.

Participate in Your Community: Pay attention to your audience. They are frequently the greatest predictors of new trends.

Try it out: Don’t be scared to make your own hashtags and spread the word about them. They might actually learn!


Hashtags are a potent weapon in Instagram’s toolbox. They have the power to create communities, alter narratives, and even have an impact on actual events when they become popular. Understanding the power of viral hashtags—and leveraging them wisely—can open doors to unmatched engagement and development for companies and influencers. It’s important to comprehend a trend’s significance, resonance, and influence rather than merely following it. The skill of creating a popular hashtag continues to develop in the quick-changing world of Instagram, where yesterday’s fashion is today’s outdated news.