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Considerations of Using Instagram

Instagram has become the preferred place to be well-known. Its world Instagram is more or less showbiz, a world where everything is beautiful and shiny and everyone is gorgeous. But is Instagram really the wonderful location it claims to be?

Maybe, no. In the midst of all the glamour there are some serious flaws. But, it can’t be claimed that Instagram isn’t great, in any way. Therefore, we’re here discussing the advantages and disadvantages for Instagram in order to make it easier for you to grasp.

Medium With Very Visual

The Instagram platform is about sharing images. From sharing your latest hairstyle and outfit to sharing a new restaurant or location there’s anything you cannot share to the rest of humanity. A variety of stunning filters make it a more stunning experience. When you apply a filter, you can add a touch of charm or shine to your photographs. However, you shouldn’t apply them all the time, make sure your photos are authentic generally.

Effective Promotion

The site was initially created (like the majority of social media websites) as a means to make connections with other people, Instagram today works as an effective marketing tool. Established brands have their Instagram pages to showcase their products, while young companies are able to build a following through pictures on this site. People who are models or artists can showcase their work and gain a following. Instagram is a crucial platform for marketing via social media.

A More Attractive Interface

One of the major benefits of Instagram is its user interface. With such a large amount of visual content, one would think it would be slow and chaotic. However, Instagram is very neat and well-organized. In contrast to Facebook it doesn’t have a massive amount of information it is difficult to manage. In addition, the platform permits users to manage their profiles in an efficient way and has a very appealing appeal to it. This is among the reasons that people flock to Instagram in spite of other photo-sharing platforms.

Perfect for travelers

Although it may not be intentional, Instagram has emerged as an ideal destination for travellers. Geo-tagging is a feature that works well by allowing you to tag the location of your photos. In addition, you will be able to view the additional (public) pictures posted by other people in the same area.

Strict Privacy

In contrast to the other social media platforms Instagram does take privacy extremely. If you would like your photos to remain confidential between your followers, then they will remain. There is no way to override privacy settings. The profile photo is private. Instagram does not permit the downloading of images, even though there are ways to download them.

Effective Features

Contrary to Facebook (which provides a myriad of features that aren’t worth it), Instagram is clear about the features they will offer their users. In addition to filters and photo-sharing and filters, they also have a feature of sharing videos and live streams. There is also the option to send stories that will disappear after a few days.

It’s quite clever, Instagram provides additional functionalities through other apps, such as Boomerang or Photo Grid.

Don’t forget to remember that when posting on Instagram you can also easily share your images with your Facebook.

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IGTV And Reels

When Instagram first permitted people to post videos with photos, the duration of videos were capped at less than one minute. However, that changed after the advent of Instagram TV or the IGTV.

On IGTV you can upload any length of video you like and it’s a great feature. Furthermore, due to this, the fun aspect of Instagram is now at a whole new level. Today, users are presented with an abundance of videos on Instagram such as video compilations, and even trailers for movies. It is evident that with IGTV, Instagram has become much more than an application to share photos.

Instagram Business Profile

If you’re an influencer , or an organization is the case, then you need to be aware of what I’m talking about. The good thing is that you are able to easily move from to Instagram account to your personal business profile. What are the advantages? If you’re advertising something on Instagram and you want to promote it, you need to make it simple for users to contact you. For the professional account your profile will have an “Contact” option.

Furthermore, you can determine what happens when users click the button. You can, for instance, allow users to contact you, see your location, or even call you using the button. Connectivity is a key aspect In your Business profile, you can add links to your story in case your followers exceed 10,000. Thus, you can direct viewers to your landing page with greater convenience. It’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

Cons Of Instagram

Inundating advertisements

Of course, we’ve acknowledged that Instagram is among the top social media platforms for promoting your business or yourself. But that too much of something can be a problem, and this is exactly what which is happening to Instagram. Instagram is now an app where you’re constantly bombarded with advertisements as well as sponsored post.

It seems that from businesses to individuals, anyone can make a name for themselves on Instagram by taking a few money from their pockets. However, that shouldn’t be an issue, is it? However, it’s thought to be bad when you see ads on every 4 or 5 of your friends post.

Institues the Need for a Fake Life

The most controversial thing to be seen following the rise that came with Instagram is the rapid influx of young famous people. The celebrities became famous instantly due to something that went viral, and gained hundreds of thousands of fans. This triggered a desire within everyone’s soul to become famous. A lot of people make up a fake identity and post it on Instagram to become famous. This desire for validation and fame is extremely damaging and teens are among the people most affected.

Less Features on Web

If you’ve ever used the version on the web of Instagram and you’ve used it, then you may be aware that it is lacking several options. Instagram keeps its users within the app and does not offer users with access to the web version. Yet, Instagram is slowly rolling out the same features as it’s app to its site such as stories and other features. However, we can’t expect all the features to be available on the web in the near future.


Another issue is the addiction that comes with Instagram. Like many websites on social networks, Instagram has a problem with addiction. Many users use their time on the application. Even those who don’t look for validation through uploading photos are glued to images of others. In any case this is a huge waste of time.

Technical Drawbacks

Despite its stunning user interface, and the features it offers, Instagram suffers from many technical issues.

The platform is designed for the app, which is why the web version is a disaster.

The images aren’t designed to be a perfect fit for every shape similar to Facebook.

These privacy options are global and can’t be customized for specific images. Additionally, third-party applications can affect your account, and even subscribe you to several different accounts.

The technical support is not good. If you encounter issues in your feed on Instagram (for instance, if you can’t refresh it or doesn’t post a picture) or issues sharing photos on other apps (for instance, pictures do not appear to be shared on Facebook) You will probably be left on your own to fix the issue.