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Common Reasons for Website Downtime

We are frequently asked regarding the causes of the website being offline, particularly when it is a regular occurrence. The reason is that downtime could be caused by a myriad of aspects based on the nature and setup of your website.

Here are a few possible causes of website outages:

* Network device faults

* Device configuration updates/developments

* Human error

* Network congestion

* Power outages

* Hardware failure on the server

* Security threats and attacks

* Software patches fail.

Server problems

We have found among the main causes of downtime on websites is a problem with the customer’s server. Server problems are not uncommon and often go under the radar until they lead to the well-known downtime. However, with our monitoring tool for servers you can create alarms to notify you the time your server is over the limits of RAM, disk, and CPU utilization, and prevent this from happening.

Traffic is soaring

We’ve observed that a lot of people aren’t aware that a spike in visitors to their site may also trigger delays, whether it’s downtime on one webpage, like the payment page, or complete downtime encompassing the entire site.

One of the most famous instances of this occurring is Black Friday; many more websites go down during this time of year than any other time during the year due to the additional volume of traffic that is crashing their site that puts too much stress on them.

Network issues

This is among the main causes of downtime , and could cause the most popular websites to shut down.

According to estimates, companies are able to lose 60 million hours per year because of website downtime caused by network downtime. According BMC Blogs 92% of businesses they surveyed with downtime reported financial losses resulting from outages.

Releases, updates , or general modifications to your website

If you make significant changes to your site Perhaps you’ve updated the WordPress version you’re using as an example, this could quickly cause website to go down. Simple things like the removal of plugins or third-party integrations your site has can have an enormous impact and result in complete or partial downtime. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that you make backups of your site prior to any updates and to study how changes might impact your site prior to.

Third app developers

Most websites are using third-party applications for many different purposes on their site. From payment apps to cloud-based applications there’s always something that’s running in the background that could cause the website to go down.