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Where to Buy Replacement UPVC Window Handles

Many homeowners prefer UPVC windows because of its dependability, energy efficiency, and little maintenance needs. But even UPVC windows can eventually be harmed or worn out. One of the most typical issues is with the window handles.

Replace your UPVC window handles as soon as possible if they are damaged or cracked. Your windows will be more accessible and secure as a result of this, as well as weatherproof.

When selecting replacement UPVC window handles, there are a few key factors to take into account. You must first check that the handle style you select for your windows is appropriate. Espag (espagnolette) handles and cockspur handles are the two primary varieties of UPVC window handles.

The most popular UPVC window handle style is the espag handle. They are frequently utilised on casement windows, which have exterior openings. Espag handles have a spindle that fits into a window frame locking mechanism. The locking mechanism moves as you turn the handle, opening or closing the window.

Espag handles are more typical, however cockspur handles are frequently used on tilt-and-turn windows. Like casement windows, tilt and turn windows can be opened externally, but they can also be slanted inward at the top for ventilation. The striker plate on cockspur handles has a spur that fits into it. The window opens or shuts when you turn the handle, which causes the spur to move the striking plate.

After deciding what kind of handle you require, measure the ones you now have to ensure that the new handle you purchase is the proper size. The spindle length and the centre distance between the screw holes are the two most crucial metrics.

The distance between the two screws holding the handle in place is measured from the centre of the screw holes. The spindle length is the distance measured from the handle’s back to the spindle’s end.

You can begin looking for replacement UPVC window handles after you have the required specs. Most home improvement stores and online vendors have replacement handles.

It’s crucial to use handles made of a robust material, such brass or stainless steel, when picking replacement handles. Additionally, you want to pick handles that are the same colour and design as your current handles. By doing this, you can make sure that your new handles match the rest of your windows.

You can install your new handles yourself once you’ve bought them. Replacement UPVC window handle installation is a simple process, but it’s crucial to carefully follow the directions.

You will require the following tools to install replacement UPVC window handles:

the screwdriver

the drill

an ink pen

a measuring tape

Remove the previous handles first. Simply remove the screws holding the handles in place to achieve this. Once the old handles have been eliminated, use a moist cloth to wipe the region surrounding the screw holes.

The centre of each screw hole on the new handles should then be marked with the pencil. After that, drill pilot holes where they have been designated with a drill.

Finally, screw the new handles into place using the screwdriver. Make sure the screws are tightly tightened.

Test the new handles after installation to make sure they are functioning properly. Check that the handles are easy to use and that the windows lock and unlock properly by opening and closing them several times.

You may always engage a reputable window repair business to complete the task for you if you feel uncomfortable replacing replacement UPVC window handles yourself.

Additional suggestions for locating replacement UPVC window knobs are provided below:

Bring a picture of your current handle to the home improvement store or internet merchant if you are unsure of the sort of handle you require. They will be able to assist you in determining the kind of handle you require and locating a suitable replacement.

Make sure to correctly measure the centre distance between the screw holes and the spindle length when measuring your current handles. Even a slight measurement error could lead to the procurement of the incorrect handles.

Think about your windows’ security when selecting replacement handles. Certain handles offer greater security than others. You might wish to select handles with additional security features, like key locks or kid safety locks, if you reside in a neighbourhood with a high crime rate.

Before you buy replacement UPVC window handles, make sure to read customer reviews. This will assist you in selecting handles that are sturdy and of good quality.