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What Is On-Demand Printing?

Print On Demand (or POD) is a commercial printing service that can be completed with a quick turnaround time that can be as short as a few hours , or less. The majority of the time, these are print runs with low quantity (sometimes just one hundred copies to several hundred copies). On-demand printing is enabled thanks to modern, advanced digital printing technology.

Print-on-demand (POD) permits businesses to purchase printed items on an as-needed basis on a piecemeal basis. This can include any kind of collateral for sales, including postcards, brochures, mailings posters, flyers promotional products, booklets and more.

POD printing is also suitable for industries where the printed material is changing frequently or at the very least often. For instance in the business of restaurants, menus can change according to the season, and sometimes every month, and when promotions are published, they change daily. A different example could be a sales team that attends tradeshows and conferences where collateral can be tailored to the specific area.

Print on demand (POD) is suitable for businesses with remote offices, satellite offices branches, stores, or stores in which print materials might need to include content that is specific to the location. Along with printing and shipping, the printing company is often able to handle delivery (overnight in the event of need) making it easier for the customer to save as well as time and money during the process.

The Benefits of POD Printing

There are many advantages of considering printing with POD for your company:

Speedy Turnaround, Top Quality: Printing only what you need to on-demand printing allows for quick turnaround times and thanks to modern digital printing technology, the printing quality is sufficient to satisfy even the most discerning print buyer.

Reduce Overprinting: Digital printing technology allows for the primary benefit of printing on-demand that small amounts can be printed swiftly and at a reasonable cost as required. This means that less waste of paper.

Reduce shipping costs Printing with POD implies that you print only what you’ll need, and you’re shipping only what you print. The decrease of printing in bulk is the reason for lower shipping cost. Additionally, commercial printing facilities can deliver directly to the location where the material is required, including several locations when an organization has branches located in remote locations or offices, as well as other facilities.

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Reduction or elimination of Warehousing and Storage: By printing only what you require when you need it , warehouse cost and costs for storage are decreased and, in some cases, eliminated completely.

Improved Customer Communication: By printing in smaller amounts but with more often, the possibility to refresh collateral material is available each print run, ensuring that collateral is up to current. Alongside digital automation customizing by using variable data printing and PURL (personal URL) mailers.

In today’s fast-paced environment, contemporary business printing, modern technology can help your business save time and money, while also improving the way you communicate with your customers and also within your own organization.