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What is a BS4142 Noise Assessment?

To obtain permission to plan, a carefully done noise impact assessment is typically the initial step.

Noise Survey & Impact Assessment

A properly conducted noise impact assessment, in particular one that is based on the guidelines in BS 4142:2014, could mean the difference between approval for planning, or a negative decision notice!

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What is what is a BS 4142 Noise Assessment?

The British Standard describes how to evaluate the sound that is commercial or industrial nature. It can, for instance, be used to evaluate the sound produced by manufacturing process or fixed plant. In essence, the BS4142 assessment tells us how to determine the levels of sound produced in the outdoors through work. Then, it explains how to use the data to determine the effect on the people living in nearby residential areas.

The most recent update of this document was supported by a significant amount of experience gained from earlier versions. In addition to the experiences gained from the field, the most recent guidance also draws on the development of information derived from the latest research in the areas of acoustics, human perception and health.

The response to the sound is a subjective. It is a fact that the response to sound can vary from individual to. It is also affected by many other variables. The factors that affect it be: how loud the source of noise is in comparison to other sounds within the vicinity as well as the level of the noise; and also the general attitudes towards the person who is creating the noise.

In this regard, BS4142:2014 is attentive to the where sound originates. The document also acknowledges the distinction between noise and sound. It defines sound as something which can be measured with the use of a measurement device that is suitable like the sound level meter. Noise however is related to the human sense. In the end the term “noise” is usually interpreted by the term “unwanted noise”.

Noise Evaluations are required for Electrical or Mechanical Plants

One of the main reasons to use BS 4142: 2014, is to evaluate the noise emissions of externally mounted electrical and mechanical plant. Although assessing noise and vibrations of open or construction sites might require an alternative assessment procedure, the majority of industrial or commercial processes can be suitable for the BS 4142 test.

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