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Uni Halls vs Private Housing

To assist you in making the right choice to make the right choice, here’s everything you must know about university halls and private residences.

If you choose to attend university you’ll have to choose from many options of accommodation including some of the most sought-after being university halls and private residences. The place you stay in will have a significant impact on your experience as a student and you need to select the best one according to your needs and budget as well as how you deal with student debt.

Uni halls

Students who are first year students usually live in halls of the university. The student halls are typically located on campus and run through the institution. They usually consist of huge blocks of flats, each with rooms that are individually furnished and the kitchen is shared with a living area. In some instances bathrooms are shared, but en-suite bathrooms are typically available for additional cost.


A convenient location – The majority of student halls are situated on campus that means you are able to walk to class and not have to think about driving or taking public transportation. Also, you’ll be in close proximity to all the exciting events and activities that are planned for students and freshers.
Social scene – If you are in halls of uni you’ll be in the company of hundreds of other students . You will be able to make new friends quickly.
All-inclusive: Most halls at uni are all-inclusive. This means that all of your bills for utilities (gas electric, water internet, etc.) are included in the rent. A lot of students find this practical, particularly those who have never been on their own and have paid their bills prior to this.
Safety Halls for students are typically considered to be more secure than private rental accommodations. Also, you’ll receive the assistance of your university at any time you need it.


Random housemates – If you live in halls of uni there isn’t always the option of selecting your housemates. You most likely will not meet them until after you move into your new home. This implies that there’s the possibility that you don’t meet up.
Prices that are inclusive or non? In addition, Inclusive rates favor cost-effectiveness over convenience. The drawback of an all-inclusive rental is that it’s generally more costly. It’s basically paying more to enjoy an ease of getting all your utility costs included in the rental.
No assurances – There’s no guarantee that you’ll receive a seat in the room you prefer or halls for students. There aren’t any universities that offer halls for students who are in their first year It is advisable to verify this when you go to open days and submit your application.
Chaos and noise – Students’ halls are crowded with hundreds of students. This means they are noisy and messy.

Private accommodation

Many students opt to skip the halls altogether and go straight to an apartment or house that is privately rented. You can lease apartments, flats or a house and share the cost with other students. Certain students prefer private accommodation and others are required to opt for this type of housing due to the fact that they could not be admitted to student residences.

There is a chance that you won’t be able to reserve halls at uni when you completed Clearing and applied for accommodation later.


Independence – You’ll be more in control of your home and the people you reside with. You can decide to live with friends and search for properties in popular cities which are geared towards students.
Cost – Private Leicester student accommodation is typically cheaper than student halls and you’ll have plenty of housing options to will fit within your budget.


Budgeting for your student loan can be a challenge if you live in a private residence since you’ll need to pay for multiple bills for utilities all through the year. In contrast, uni halls are typically all-inclusive, meaning you only pay only one invoice that will cover your living expenses.
Security – Student homes are frequently targeted by criminals . Private houses are at a greater chance of being burglarized they are compared to halls at uni. It is essential that you and your fellow housemates adopt all the measures necessary to ensure your home is secure from burglars.

Verdict: Which one is the most effective?

The process of choosing a university residence isn’t always straightforward. University halls are usually better suited for students in the first year and provide convenience, security and a lively social scene. Private housing is more affordable and allows students greater freedom in the place they live and with whom they share their space with.

It is important to consider the advantages and cons of each option before deciding the ideal student accommodation that is right for you. Talk to former students as well as your university’s student support staff for advice on selecting your student housing.