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Things to Look for When Choosing a Birmingham Carpet Cleaning Company

In the past we’ve received numerous calls from people who were in a state of panic and anger after receiving an offer from an organization that didn’t provide the results they claimed to deliver. We’re always disappointed to learn that a local carpet cleaner has taken cash of a client who had faith in them to handle their property but then left the property in a state of chaos with no money and exhausted.

A lot of people aren’t looking to spend too much on carpet cleaning and choose the lowest-priced company but then having to spend more money for a different service a bit further from now. We realized that since most people don’t have knowledge of handling carpet cleaner firms and aren’t sure of what to be looking for when choosing a trustworthy firm. We’ve put together an inventory of the things you should be aware of when selecting the right carpet cleaner for your region…

7 things to look for when choosing carpet cleaners in Birmingham

Are they professionally trained by an organization like the IICRC or NCCA? Do not be shy about asking. If they’ve been professionally trained They’ll be pleased to present you with their certificates.

Are they covered? This is a crucial question. Check whether the carpet cleaner is insured, and if they’re covered under Treatment Risk as a part of their insurance. If they’re not, they’re not insured to maintain your home and you’re better off looking to find a different carpet cleaner.

Do they have any past testimonials? If they have testimonials and reviews of past customers, it’s worth having an interest. The majority of reputable companies have an official facebook page or Google Business site or websites where you can view reviews that you can read.

What kind of equipment do they employ? Professional carpet cleaning requires professional equipment for carpet cleaning. Check their website for images of huge shopping trolleys-sized machines. A machine that is lightweight and is easy to carry isn’t going to suffice to give an effective clean.

Have they been uniformed? The best companies are proud of their work and will give an effort into things such as uniforms and branding of vehicles.

Do they provide quotations upon visits or via phone? If they offer quotes via phone, the odds are the numbers will not be accurate. The only way to determine an accurate estimate for carpet cleaning services is to experience the work in person. The quotes you get over the phone will usually be too expensive.

Do they provide an unconditional money-back assurance? A carpet cleaning service that is certain about their work will always give a warranty or some form of guarantee. Do not be enticed to pay more for a business which doesn’t have a warranty in case you end up paying more in the event that you need the job to be re-done by another company.

There you go. How to pick the right carpet cleaner in seven easy steps!

Do your carpets require of a thorough cleaning?

If your carpets have turned dull over the last couple of years and you’d like to see them repaired instead of purchasing new carpet, speak to us today to discuss how we can help.