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Leak-Proof Performance: Stripwound Hose Keeps Your Fluids and Gases Contained

Hoses are essential in moving fluids, gases, and other materials across systems in industrial applications. Among the different types of hoses available, stripwound hose stands out as a versatile and long-lasting alternative that constantly meets the needs of various industries.

Understanding Stripwound Hose Design

Stripwound hose is a form of flexible metal hose distinguished by its unusual structure. It is also known as interlocking or spirally wound hose. It is made out of a continuous metal strip coiled in a helical pattern around a mandrel, resulting in an interlocking structure that provides flexibility and strength. Stripwound hose has significant advantages over other hose types, making it a popular choice for a variety of applications.

The Benefits of Stripwound Hose

Stripwound hoses are well-known for their remarkable endurance and corrosion resistance. The interlocking metal construction protects against external wear and tear, and the use of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or galvanised steel assures long-lasting performance in severe settings.

Stripwound hoses are resistant to a wide range of temperatures, making them ideal for applications involving hot fluids and gases. Under high temperatures, the metal construction maintains its integrity, preventing the hose from melting or degrading.

Flexibility and bendability: Despite their rugged design, stripwound hoses have exceptional flexibility and bendability. The hose’s helical winding structure allows it to conform to varied forms and locations, allowing for simple installation and manoeuvrability in tight or complex environments.

Stripwound hoses’ interlocking structure offers a tight seal, avoiding leaks and guaranteeing the integrity of the transmitted material. This leak-proof performance is critical in applications where media contamination or loss is not tolerated.

Stripwound hoses are highly abrasion resistant, making them perfect for delivering abrasive materials such as grains, powders, and slurries. The metal construction is resistant to the wear and tear generated by these materials, hence preventing early wear and tear.

Stripwound hoses are versatile and can be customised to meet individual application needs. Hose diameter, material choices, and end fittings can all be customised to meet the system’s requirements. Stripwound hose is used in a variety of sectors due to its adaptability.

Stripwound Hose Applications

Stripwound hose is a popular choice in a variety of industries and applications due to its versatility and durability. Here are a few applications where stripwound hose shines:

Stripwound hoses are frequently utilised in exhaust systems for automobiles, engines, and industrial machines. Because of their excellent temperature resistance and endurance, they are perfect for transporting hot exhaust gases.

Stripwound hoses provide a stable path for delivering dust, fumes, and debris in dust collecting and fume extraction systems. Their abrasion resistance and flexibility make them ideal for working with these difficult materials.

Stripwound hoses are used in material handling systems to transport granular materials, powders, and slurries. Because of their abrasion resistance and smooth inside surfaces, they enable rapid and dependable material transport.

Stripwound hoses can be used as protective casings for electrical cables, fibre optic cables, and other fragile components. These components are protected from external damage and hostile environments due to their strength and flexibility.

Miniature stripwound hoses are utilised in medical technology for endoscopy and other minimally invasive treatments. Because of their small diameter and suppleness, they can pass through sensitive parts of the body.


Stripwound hose is a versatile and long-lasting option for transferring fluids, gases, and materials in a variety of industrial applications. Its tough design, outstanding endurance, and high temperature tolerance make it a popular choice in harsh settings. Stripwound hose regularly delivers dependable performance and long service life in applications ranging from exhaust systems and dust extraction to material handling and medical applications. Stripwound hose will likely remain a vital tool for engineers and technicians in a variety of industries as companies continue to push the frontiers of performance and efficiency.