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How to Choose an Architect In Newbury Berkshire

Knowing what to consider when choosing the right architect to complete the task you wish to be completed is not something that is easy to learn. There are many various factors that play into how you can make the right choice. The key to success is to select a professional who will work best for your specific project, while also taking a look beyond what’s superficially.

Finding an architect

The first step of the process is to locate the designer or architect candidates who are appropriate for the particular project you are planning. There may be a need for an architect who is residential as an example or, perhaps this project is commercial in nature which means you must choose an architect for commercial projects. It’s all dependent on what you want them to complete.

Each one of them can be used to identify architects Newbury Berkshire who meet your requirements. It doesn’t matter if it’s through their advertising or suggestions of others whom they have collaborated with, there’s a plenty of resources that to help you gain insights into the marketplace.

Search Engines

Search engines such as Google are created to help you locate what you’re seeking. Through incorporating things like their geographical location in relation to yours, their ratings and how large a company they’re, and much more are all factors that determine who they’ll show you. Making use of that information it is possible to search through as many websites as you can in order to find the best possible architects.


Like directories, search engines are a good way to locate architects quickly. Services such as Yell offer professionals for almost everything you’ll ever require. In addition, specialist services like Houzz provide a bank, or experts who specialize within the building, construction design and building industries, and vetting them in a variety of ways and opening more possibilities. There are numerous services available to pick from.

Social Media

Another kind of search engine you can use to discover architects is the social media. Sites like Facebook for instance, provide businesses an opportunity to gain an audience , and also to connect with potential customers, too. By utilizing various factors such as your location and profile’s strength in addition to displaying the number of people on your network use the page, you’ll be provided with specific pages that might offer the features you require for your design project.

Word of Mouth

Similar to social media, but without the algorithms, there’s no reason not to go back to the fundamentals of business. One of the greatest tools anyone can have in their arsenal are acquaintances, colleagues, family and even the general public. When you solicit suggestions from those you are most comfortable with You’re avoiding a significant element of your search and creating an inventory of architects who are all likely to be able to complete a decent job.

Comparison Sites

The convenience of shopping online becomes easier and simpler with each passing day and getting an designer or architect is not any different. Although they’re pay-to-play, play and therefore many architects will not be able to avail these services however, there are plenty of services available such as Local Architects Direct who are designed for the sole aim of providing your details to architects who have an interest in your particular kind of work and the location and who will then contact the client to provide you with estimates and attempt to get your customized. While it can seem a bit over-the-top, it will assist you in getting a great bargain, but not all the time.


The final method to consider when you are trying to figure out how to identify an architect is looking through the RIBA client services platform. It is basically a registry of architects who belong to the Royal Institute of British Architects. Although these might be more expensive than the quotes you can find however, they will be competent and delivered directly to you for a price.

How to Select an Architecture

The next step in the process of learning to choose architects is discover how to select an architect. Knowing the distinctions between different business, architects, and even people is an essential thing to be aware of when you’re putting your work to the care of a different. Although the majority of architects and designers can do the job, it doesn’t mean that you’ll receive the most value in return and certainly not the top high-quality work that you want from your project.


Reviews can be a great way to pick an architect you can trust. No matter what you’re buying on the internet, reviews can give you an idea of what’s going to be in store for you as well as the likelihood of other customers to endorse the architect or designer that you are considering. No matter if you go through the reviews on Google ratings, Trustpilot, Feefo, Houzz or any other place you could discover them, it’s worth studying the architect’s profile as well as the branch they are working in, and the overall business too.

Pricing & Services

A crucial method to begin your journey in determining the best professional or design firm for your task is to consider the price they’re charging you and also what you are paying for. Their prices and the services they provide will vary between professional and professional. Some will charge different charges for their core services. Many will charge different fees for submissions, applications, as well as admin times and some may include third fee, while some don’t. Be sure to compare quotes carefully prior to deciding which one is the best.

Previous work

In order to better understand the particulars of the work that you wish to complete, a beneficial suggestion is to study the previous work other designer or architect has completed in the past with respect to the work you are looking at or want to do. A commercial architect for instance might not possess the same expertise as a skilled residential architectural designer. While it’s not the be-all and all, it does typically mean that you’ll can feel a sense of confidence because you are familiar with the style and experience of the designer.


Your credibility with your designer or architect is essential when you need work completed at the highest standard possible. Employing a freelancer or a one-man-band is all fine and financially sound but when it comes to trying to contact them to discuss ideas for design the designer or architect might not be accessible throughout the day, or when you’ll need they are. Find the services of an architect, designer or engineer who is employed by a respected company or has the appropriate certification, which again provides an additional protection for your project and you.

Your thoughts

Additionally, you have your personal opinions and experience to trust when selecting the right designer or architect. Even though any type of construction or renovation project may seem overwhelming but that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter difficulties along the way. Although a bit of doubt is to be expected however, it is also it is important to trust your gut when you’re trying to decide on who to hire for the job. If you feel something isn’t odd, it might not be. There are a myriad of sources available which you can use to relax your mind However, if you’re just not at ease, it might be the time to consider a different professional.


In the end, how you can find and select the right architect or designer will differ for everyone. Different factors are important to different people designing a project. If you’re looking for the lowest cost solution, perhaps specialties and extravagances in your portfolio aren’t as important. If you’re searching for an architect who is commercial, perhaps cost shouldn’t be so significant a factor but perhaps there are some elements that must be considered for the industry you’re in.