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Best Reasons to Use a Garden Design Company

We recognize that not all people have the time, resources or knowledge to build their garden from scratch. Planning and designing gardens can be a daunting undertaking that requires a thorough understanding of how you can maximize the value of your property. As experienced landscape designers and builders we bring an abundance of expertise and knowledge to help you save time, money and headaches.
When it comes time to design your perfect space for outdoor living is easy to become in the excitement of selecting plants, choosing landscaping materials, and imagining about the end result. However, there’s an crucial step that is often ignored… how to design the procedure.

Professional garden designers provide advice on how to maximize the potential of your garden.


As experienced landscape architects and builders, the achievement of any project depends on cooperating closely with our customers. Through a deep understanding of their needs, we can integrate their requirements and preferences into the final design.

We follow a thorough design procedure that includes:

Consultation: First, by telephone, then in person.

Website Survey & Analysis: We conduct a site survey and then create an elaborate scale plan.

Concept Design: utilize 3D model software for 3D modeling to test concepts and ideas for designing the current environment.

3D illustrations and CAD visualisations 3D illustrations: We create precise concept drawings to demonstrate our ideas.

Masterplans: Construction drawings that are detailed as well as specifications that the team of construction can work from.

Timeline: A schedule of the tasks and activities including equipment, materials, and the personnel required.

This assures that the final design meets the client’s expectations and wants. Every project starts by meticulously surveying and evaluating the property’s natural surroundings. After lengthy discussions, we draft an outline for the client to guide the design. Our aim is to determine the way a person plans to use their garden and what amenities they want to incorporate. Then, we get to work in drafting ideas which incorporate their requirements and wishes with a touch of individuality of our own.

One of the greatest benefits when hiring a professional designer for your garden is their vast knowledge and experience in modern technology and trends. This lets them create styles that aren’t just visually appealing but also practical and low maintenance.

The ideal good garden design in Oxford should be functional, simple and beautiful. By limiting the design to a simple concept and focusing on the most important elements, we can design an appealing garden that runs effortlessly. We are meticulous in the combination of modern and traditional materials, shapes and patterns that are appealing and long-lasting. Our goal is to design a an environment that not only looks great but also meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

With our professional visualizations you can view the final product prior to construction even begins.

See the bigger picture

As do many landscape design experts We employ software to create precise and precise drawings of the design, providing an accurate idea of how the new garden will appear like. With the help of professional visualizations, clients can anticipate any issues and make the necessary adjustments prior to the construction process, saving time and money.

The accuracy and detail of the plans can be a great guide to ensure that the landscaping contractors are following the correct guidelines and the final product will meet the needs of the customer.

Final Thoughts

In the end, utilizing an experienced garden designer will help homeowners save time, money and stress. With their expertise, they can take the stress from your shoulders and take control of the entire process to make sure the construction is completed. This is the time when a design proves its value… getting ready to build phase.

Through the use of 3D visualizations, customers can view the final product prior to when construction starts, making any necessary adjustments and ensuring the final product will meet their requirements. This is extremely beneficial when the client and landscaping staff can be on the same level.

It is crucial to keep in mind designing is the most crucial stage in any garden improvement project. Having a skilled garden designer on the team will ensure that the construction phase is smooth and results in the best possible outcome. We take the stress of designing off your shoulders and ensure that the final result is more than what you expect.