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Benefits of Solar PV

We’ve compiled brief list of main reasons businesses can profit from installing a solar panel.

Control Rising Energy Rates
If you invest in solar energy will dramatically lower your electric bills for two years.
Financial Incentives
We’ve introduced a new selection of financing options that means our clients are able to take advantage of feed-in tariffs and the energy savings that come from electricity.
Reduce CO2 emission
Reduce your carbon footprint, increase the social responsibility of your company and reach your sustainability goals.
Promoting Your Green Initiatives
When you show your customers that you respect the environment and using sustainable energy and are prepared to invest in our future, you’ll attract more customers. In addition, including your employees in an energy efficiency program using solar power can provide a positive vibe to your company.
High Reliability and Low Maintenance
Solar PV systems do not have moving parts and require little maintenance. The main maintenance job is to keep the panels free of dust! Solar PV modules are very durable and come with warranty of twenty years and are expected to last for more than the time the sun shines!

Solar Installation is a wise investment ….

The cost of electricity has historically increased – they can double in the next ten years. The sun doesn’t send you bills. This means that ten years in the future the energy from solar that you’re capturing from your solar system at your business or home will remain free however, the cost of electricity you get from your utility will likely have nearly doubled taking in to the year on annual rise in energy prices. The amount you save through the installation of solar panels Essex is contingent on the amount of electricity you use and the solar energy accessible to you.

If you use your own electricity directly on the spot or feed it into the grid that is public and receive a payment. Your solar power system transforms into a “roof savings book’.

In producing clean energy you’re creating more sustainable energy for future generations.

Your contribution to the protection of the climate

The fossil fuel reserves are about to come to an end. The carbon dioxide produced when producing power from these sources impacts the environment. Conservation of the environment and resources is a must in school programs to acquire theoretic and practical skills. The sun’s energy source is one of the most important components of the future supply of energy. Free energy from the sun’s most efficient sources of power is enough to satisfy global needs 3000 times over.

Sun is the primary source for the 21st century.

Resources are scarce, and environmental destruction and harm for the natural environment is among the most evident disadvantages of coal, gas, and oil. Furthermore fossil fuels and power stations powered by fossil fuels as well as centralised power grids have our society dependent on big corporations and undemocratic governments. These massive infrastructures are way too costly for developing countries, regardless of what transpires. Renewable energy is the only way to ensure the sustainability of our energy supply in the coming years. Nuclear power is not any alternative, since it is not just extremely risky, but is extremely expensive energy source that isn’t at all sustainable for the climate. It’s completely rational to utilize the sun as an infinite energy source.

The benefits of solar energy are evident

Sun and sand, which are the basic materials for the production of solar energy, are endless. The electricity generated by rooftops is likely to be less expensive than electricity generated by a conventional plug in the wall. Solar energy is on its path to becoming the most important technology to boost economic growth. It’s comparable to steam engines and the automobile or computer of earlier times.
There aren’t any disadvantages for solar energy.

Solar energy doesn’t rely on fuels or electricity grids. It is the perfect source for a individual, local, eco-friendly and clean electricity supply that is accessible anyplace. We’re committed to leading the UK in its quest for an environmentally sustainable future.

A few amazing Solar Facts

The sun will shine for the next 4 billion years and will provide free solar energy along the way.
Solar energy that gets to earth is greater than the daily needs by 3,000 times.
The sun doesn’t produce CO2 which is why it protects the natural environment at two levels.
Solar power systems allow users to become self-sufficient without being subject to the ever-growing cost of energy.
Solar electricity is the sole energy that can be generated locally and distributed throughout the world.
Since long distances for transportation are not needed it is possible to reduce energy waste and substantial savings are made on expenses.
The sun is not dependent on huge corporations or undemocratic governments.
Solar energy is not harmful.