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Are Verisure Alarms Any Good?

Verisure is a adored UK security firm for homes that has 3.6 million customers and excellent scores from customers on Trustpilot.1 We also love it. They offer innovative solutions like fog barriers as well as smart home integration and even in-person security. In addition, it has more than 30 years of experience.

Although Verisure offers a lot for it, we’re not happy with its lack of transparency about expenses and monthly costs. Additionally, the contract is just a pile of slush. If you are able to overlook these shortcomings, this is a top security system.

Cost of a Verification

Since Verisure does not provide pricing information, we are unable to give you an estimate of what you can anticipate. Our prior research revealed that the monitoring began around £40. Based on our research, it appears that each customer’s monthly charge is contingent on their set-up. Verisure provides a custom estimate according to the specific needs of each flat therefore your monthly cost will not be identical to that of your neighbor down the street.

Although we can understand Verisure’s argument however, it is nice to know how much the cost of each piece of equipment before pursuing an appointment.

Are you sure Verisure suitable for you?

Verisure is the perfect choice if you need a security system that has the latest technology that no other security firm in the UK offers.

It’s also an excellent option if you are looking to integrate smart home technology but don’t want trouble yourself with the installation of all the devices on your own. A Verisure technician will install everything for you.

Verisure does not provide a an overall price range prior to getting an estimate. If you don’t want to waste time with consulting, we suggest avoiding Verisure and attempting the SimpliSafe and Ring.

How Verisure compares

Verisure warranty and contract

While the company is loved across the UK However, you might see some negative Verisure reviews when you look around. Most of them are from unhappy customers who were not aware of the terms and conditions. There’s no surprise here.

Many companies have decided to avoid contracts, and for good reason. We find that contracts can be complex, restrictive, and ought be tossed into the trash heap. One benefit to contracts they typically provide financing when you sign an agreement, which could help those who do not have the funds to make a payment upfront.

The warranty is excellent The warranty isn’t, however. Once Verisure has captured you it, it will provide lifetime service on its entire line of products.

Verisure equipment

Verisure provides a variety of equipment and devices:

Leak, smoke, flood and temperature detection
Sensors for shock
Fog barriers
Surveillance cameras
Smart plugs
Break into sensors and then enter them
Panic buttons
Photo detectors
Perimeter detectors
Deterrent signs
Smart key readers with smart keys
Remote control alarms

This is the most extensive collection of products we’ve seen within the top security systems. All of the devices are wireless, which means you won’t have to worry about the possibility of holes within your walls. Some of the models are especially remarkable when compared to products from other security firms. Here are a few of our favorites.

Zero Vision Fog Barrier

This Zero Vision(r) Fog Barrier is one of the most unique items of security equipment that we’ve ever seen. When an intruder has been verified through Verisure the device turns them into a cloud of fog. The intention is that the intruder is able to run away.

GuardPass Keypad

The keypad isn’t visually appealing, but it comes with some unique features, including its anti-jamming system to guard you from hacker. Additionally it allows you to use the keypad to communicate directly with Verisure’s monitoring center. Verisure security center.

Seniors Protection

The Seniors Protection wristwatch and service is a fantastic method to safeguard your loved ones. It monitors their movements and detect any falls. If something is wrong pressing the SOS button will call an emergency call for assistance.

Photo Detector

The gadget can capture images of anything that triggers the motion sensor. Verisure’s team analyzes the pictures and will provide assistance in the event of an issue. This is an interesting option to use video surveillance we’ve not experienced in various security devices.

Perimeter Detector

The Verisure Perimeter Detector is another unique device. It can detect someone who is moving towards your house. This is not only helpful in identifying burglars, it could be used for tracking children outside in your garden.

Installation and verification of the setup

Verisure is fully professionally maintained and installed. It is not necessary to touch a finger, other than to call Verisure for repair or for questions. The customers have reported that the installation process is easy and the technicians are top-notch.

Verisure app

Once you have installed the system, you can utilize the Verisure application (available via Verisure’s website, the Apple Store as well as Google Play) to arm and dearm your security system. It can also be used to watch security camera footage and control Verisure’s collection of smartphones.

Features of Verisure’s smart home and is compatible with other smart home devices.

If your smartphone isn’t manufactured by Verisure the device isn’t compatible in conjunction with the security device. One other exception to this is Arlo’s Essential Wireless Doorbell.

If you’re only beginning your journey to integrate smart homes you’ll be delighted. As we’ve mentioned the company provides many intelligent devices, from Smart plugs, to cameras and smart phones. Each device is fitted and integrated by professionals. It’s not difficult to set up your smart home and running.

Support and customer service at Verisure.

We’re impressed by Verisure’s quality of support and service.

The Guard Response service, which is 24/7, offers you a live security guard in case of need. This is an unusual service. If you don’t want police to enter your house A security guard is the best alternative.

The alarm receiving centre’s reaction time following an alarm’s activation initiated is approximately 45 seconds. That’s speedy. Tech support is readily all day or night.

Final word

We’re awestruck at the creativity that is incorporated into Verisure’s products and services, even if there’s some confusion about costs.