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Are Open Plan Offices Still Popular?

As with most things, style and office design can be down to preference. But with the office scene changing from year to year whilst following new trends, are open plan offices still popular?

An open plan office does what it says on the tin, the purpose is to create an open and light office. This could be for several reasons such as team communication, style preference and company guidelines. Walking into an open office can feel free and spacious, leaving everything open for viewing.

Taking away from the visuals and the overall feel of an open plan office, what is it like working in this environment? From the articles and research out there, it seems to be a split opinion, some vote for office partitions and the others love the open plan style.

On one hand an open office allows for easy communication between colleagues and gives you the opportunity to build strong working relationships. It’s seen as cost effective, as you won’t require any further furniture in the room other than the essentials to get your work done. Finally, moving the office around can be easier too, as there’s less to move to create the set up you desire.

But on the other hand, the open space is seen as distracting. When speaking projecting voices won’t be intervened with a sound barrier, and some can find this distracting. Little desk privacy is offered, so everything is out in the open to the whole office. And most importantly due to the noise and distraction comes low productivity, which of course isn’t ideal.

For those who aren’t in the open plan office vote, what options do you have available?

Office Partition Screens can solve some of the issues found as a negative with an open plan office. Adding privacy, reducing noise and as a semi permanent feature can still be adjusted and changed as the office space evolves.

With the positives and negatives in mind, what other office designs are on trend in 2023?

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is an extension of biophilia, which means to love nature. You might question how you can combine nature and office design, it’s easier than you think.

Biophilic design allows you to incorporate natural materials, natural lightening, plants and naturalistic accessories. Adding these natural components in to the office can help with stress and improve productivity.

Old & New

Out with the old, and in with the new’ doesn’t quite apply for this. In 2023, we’re saying don’t discard your outdated or old furniture, merge the two together and embrace the history. This is a fantastic way to keep an eye on your budget as well as bringing a brand-new feel to your office space.

The Comfort

The type of office space that makes you feel right at home. Filled with soft furnishings, sofa’s, cushions and has a relaxed feeling which is ideal when we spend more time in our office/workplace than ever before. It’s also a great setting when you have clients visiting, as it will fill them with comfort and ease.

These are many trends out there, but these are our favourites. With design being diverse and personal, your office design options are never limited. Mix and match a trend to create something that works for YOU.

Whatever the office design you choose, it’ll be down to your own personal taste and what works for your business and colleagues. It’s the perfect way to bring out your personality and portray you and your company message through design. Subtle accessories can enhance the design you are hoping to achieve an office design made for you.