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Are Aluminium Window Frames Worth It?

The right material to choose for your windows at home can be a challenge. While the differences in appearance are obvious but the practical aspects are more crucial.

Windows are an essential element of your home and you’ll need frames that ensure your home is safe and secure all while delivering on your style expectations. But knowing what kind of frames will provide this can be more difficult than selecting a set that is attractive.

One frame material for windows that can provide you with a lot of the benefits you require is aluminium. Here are the top benefits you will get when you choose aluminium window frames:


The most notable benefit for aluminium windows is the durability. Although all windows made of metal are sturdy but they are not as strong. The aluminium alloys used in the production of window frames are extremely strong making them ideal for windows with large openings.

If you’re planning to create an unusually large windows for your feature, aluminium windows are able to provide the ability to support a huge pane of glass, without the necessity of mullions or any other device to strengthen the windows.

Aluminium is also the ideal option to make triple-glazed windows. The additional layer of glass in triple-glazing is too heavy for uPVC or even wood as the extra weight could reduce the life of the entire window. This is obviously not optimal when you’ve spent extra for this energy-efficient glass. Contrary to other types of frames, aluminium frames are more than capable of sustaining triple-glazing for years.

The durability of aluminium frames can be used even when you have standard double-glazed windows. They allow for smaller profiles, which means that the frames are slimmer, giving you more glass as well as more light and more attractive appearance.


In addition to being sturdy, aluminium window frames are sturdy and durable. Their powder coating resists corrosion, and the strength of their construction makes them difficult to break.

When you have aluminium windows, you won’t need to be concerned about exposure to elements destroying frames since the coating prevents water from entering the frames, causing them to decay, as happens when using timber. Also, you don’t need to worry about temperatures that are extreme that cause them to warp or crack like you would with uPVC. Steel windows aren’t immune to weakening as time passes in cold temperatures, however that’s not an issue for aluminium windows, either. They actually improve their strength after being exposed to cold temperatures.

The coating on the powder is so durable that you won’t notice any colour fade in time, like it is the case with uPVC and windows made of timber. Even in intense sunlight aluminium windows can hold up their color well.

In reality, top-quality aluminium frames will last for around 40 years, which is the longest life span of any window frame material.

Low Maintenance

Because they are extremely durable, aluminium windows also are very low maintenance.

They don’t require regular coatings of stain to look stylish and won’t require annual coats of stain or oil to ensure they are weatherproof. A high-quality window made of aluminium windows will require nothing more complex than regular cleaning.

The toughness of their coatings should allow cleaning to be quick and easy. Dirt will not get to the surface or be infiltrating unless the coating is damaged. Wipe aluminium frames regularly, and should only require an easy wash using water and soap on “deep cleaning’ days.

Fantastic insulators

It might surprise you to learn that aluminium windows are among the most efficient thermally efficient windows available however the most important thing to be aware of is the word “can”. Aluminium is able to transfer heat quickly, making it an inefficient insulator and not ideal to keep your home warm.

But, if your aluminium windows feature thermal breaks the thermal efficiency of their windows shoots up. This is due to the fact that the thermal break functions as an insulator. Just like the gap between double glazing panes. It stops heat from leaving and also stops cold air from entering.

It is essential to ensure that you purchase thermally damaged aluminium windows. This will ensure that your windows will be energy efficient and durable. They are able to meet or even surpass UK building standards. Another benefit of aluminium frames of course is that they are sturdy enough to support triple-glazed glass, which will help you maximize the efficiency of your windows.

Environmentally Friendly

If sustainability is on high on your priorities list, you’ll find that aluminium windows are a great option. The majority of the advantages that we have listed above are responsible for their remarkable sustainability performance.

Their strength is a sign that less aluminium is required to be produced per frame, as compared to more robust timber or uPVC frames.
The long-lasting beauty that they provide is why that you will need to replace your windows less frequently. This drastically reduces the footprint carbon of every frame, compared to frames with less durability.
They are excellent insulators and can help make your house as efficient as it can be by reducing the requirement for central heating system and reduce the carbon footprint of your home as well.

But the main environmental benefit of aluminium is the ease with which it can be recycled. A mere 5percent of the energy required to make the typical aluminium window is required to recycle it. Furthermore, it is able to be reused for a long time to ensure that less waste is generated.

In reality 75% of the aluminium that is utilized in the world is recycled today which shows how strong and recyclable it is.

Do Aluminium Window Frames worth the investment?

If you’re in search of windows that are sturdy and durable, simple to clean and extremely durable, then aluminium windows are well worth the money.

In addition to their benefits in practical terms They also sport striking designs, creating clean and crisp lines that look great in modern buildings. They also look fantastic in older homes, creating an intriguing contrast and distinct characteristic.