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10 Kitchen Design Tips for Busy Family Households

It’s not a secret there’s no doubt that kitchens are the central place of command for families with busy schedules. However, designing a kitchen isn’t only about looking attractive. By paying attention to the smallest of details you can encourage healthy eating habits, communication, co-operation and unity. And all that in a place which is neat and tidy in a flash? It’s possible! Here’s 10 kitchen design ideas

Make the floor plan more open

The removal of walls and the replacement of the structure with beams of support in order to create spacious spaces that span from the kitchen space to living room is the most efficient method to create space for multi-purpose family living. The benefits of amplified light from the sun and easy access to outdoors can definitely improve your mood.

Don’t build your design around the TV.

In this townhouse that has been renovated, the kitchen island as well as the hearth are the anchors at each end of the main floor, which is open. The TV is not given the top priority and gives way to family time and occasional use of smaller screens instead of zoning to the big screen.

Zones for preparing positions for the most optimal views

Set up a kitchen island that include both sink and cooking areas, so you are able to keep an eye on your children or be a part of the fun at family gatherings while working at the table.

Create a safe cooking zone

The island in the kitchen is technically a peninsula, it functions as a physical and physical barrier, regulating flow within the room. This helps reduce the chance of playing time overlapping with meal preparation. Wall ovens set at an altitude that are suitable for adults discourage youngsters.

Induction cooktops cool down in the moment a hot pot is taken off. A large amount of storage that is closed means that knives and cooking equipment can be stored safely after using.

Future-proofing your design

Choose sturdy materials that are timeless colours , and in a minimalist pattern to ensure you’ll never tire of them. Ceramic tiles are able to be able to withstand the demands of the demands of a busy household — including skateboards and bikes without showing signs of age. They may be heated by a source below for additional ease.

Quartz countertops as well as a SILGRANIT sink resist scratches and stains. High-quality materials last for a long time and will ensure that your home will retain its worth. They’ll require less frequent replacement which will save you money and preventing the earth from the waste that will be disposed of.

Let there be the lightness

Take advantage of the sunlight when you are renovating the narrow townhouse you live in by expanding windows’ sizes including patio doors, and limiting window treatments. Light floors, cabinets, and counters reduce the visual contrast, making the area feel spacious, airy, and inviting to all.

Reduce visual clutter

Include as much storage that is closed as is possible, so that all bits and bobs are away from view. The glass drawers on the front are filled with white dinnerware, which makes it convenient for setting the table and also looks tidy.

Select a top-quality faucet and sink.

While the kitchen is spacious but counter space is at an all-time high. A SILGRANIT sink that incorporates a drainboard, as well as other accessories such as cutting boards and baskets means the area can transform into an entire prep area that can be used for multiple purposes just next to the counter space, which allows families to work together. The POSH faucet that has a pull-out sprayhead is ideal to wash produce or giving the sink a wash.

Allow room for children

Place games in drawers lower to allow little ones to help themselves to put things away after they’ve finished. Place a stool near so that your sous-chef of a pint can assist in making and cooking. Pick a chair that matches the style of the of the space. The living space should be furnished with soft textures to ensure your family members can stay when you are working on the cooking.

Make cleaning easier

Incorporate garbage bins recycling, composting and recycling right in the prep zone. Cover the dishwasher and fridge with custom-designed panels to ensure there are fewer fingerprints that need to be cleaned off stainless surfaces. Select frosted glass over clear glass for drawer and cabinet doors as it does not display fingerprints. Pick dining chairs that are able to be cleaned quickly. Make sure you have a tall pantry cupboard to make cleaning products easily easy to access and well-organized.