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What Type Of Entertainment Should I Have At My Wedding?

The most exciting aspects of planning the wedding is choosing the evening’s entertainment. There are many aspects to take into consideration however, the most important concern is do I need to book the services of a wedding DJ or band?

Wedding bands and DJs come with advantages and disadvantages, but generally speaking it boils down to the budget and your personal preferences.

Nothing can compare to the pure energy that the live music brings to the celebration. The band will not only enhance the interaction of guests They also provide an authentic sense of celebration A band of skilled professional musicians will prove more appealing to guests than even the best vinyl-spinner.

With the increasing popularity of DJ Live shows that you don’t have to choose between these two. Numerous DJs offer a selection of DJ/musician combinations to provide sets that include drummers, saxophone players, and singers into their set.

Should I book a Live Wedding Band?

Before we discuss the advantages and disadvantages for hiring a wedding DJ let’s look at the kind of entertainment you are likely to get.

The cost of a wedding band can vary however the majority of wedding bands that are high-end start around £1000-£1500. The typical price is at least three band members. The price can comprise the following:

2 30 or 3 40-minute sets
Professional PA system
Lighting to illuminate the dance floor and stage
The playlists will be played throughout the night until midnight

Wedding Band Pros

1. Live music is amazing!

The powerful and thrilling music of a live band will surely enthrall the space.

2. Sure to bring the dance floor to life

It doesn’t matter if it’s rockin’ drums or a groovy bass, or amazing vocals, the energetic energy that a band can bring can get even the most humble of dance floor.

3. Mashups/Medleys

Everyone loves a mashup and nobody can do it better than live music. If it’s a quick blast of your favorite 90s dance songs or classic Motown mixed with the latest hip-hop sounds, a distinctive song mashup is always a surprise reward on your guest.

4. It’s Totally Unique

Each performance by a band, the performance is unique in one manner or another, and it will never be duplicated.

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5. Ideal for guests of all ages

Even those who aren’t dancing can still appreciate listening to the musicians perform and engage with the guests. While many wedding bands concentrate on a specific type of music, most bands play a predetermined set of songs to accommodate all ages.

6. Bands are able to play improvised

A band doesn’t have to be bound by the limitations of a playlist or record skilled musicians can take the music anywhere at any point.

7. DJs can also be part of the band!

That’s right! Many function bands also provide DJ sets that can be booked by a member of the group. Even if you do not have a DJ hired separately you’ll still be able to enjoy the majority of your favorite songs to dance to after the band has finished their performance. It’s also a great method to reduce space looking to get all the benefits of two worlds.

Wedding Band Cons

1. Budget

Wedding bands typically costs less than a DJ for your wedding. The reason for this is because there more guests to cover.

2. Space Requirements

If you’re using live drums with a a sound system, and at minimum at least three to four performers, you’re likely be required to have sufficient space. It is generally accepted that you’ll require at least 4×3 meters to accommodate a standard 4 piece band.

3. Fixed Repertoire

Although many bands have close to 100 songs or more on their playlist but you’ll likely have less options than a DJ who’ll have access to nearly every song ever recorded. A majority of bands will be delighted to teach you the first dance tune however the songs that will be played during that night’s dance will likely be selected from their collection.

4. Musicians require breaks

A wedding DJ will keep the music going until midnight the band needs to play time frames with breaks between. However, every cover band will play DJ playlists for the duration of the event and you won’t be without music!

Should I book a Wedding DJ?

A DJ for weddings is the most sought-after option for wedding entertainment. It’s cost-effective, flexible, and allows you to be as involved to the musical selection as you want.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a DJ at your wedding?

Wedding DJ Pros

1. Variety

With guests ranging from toddlers to grandparents, it’s important to provide a wide selection of music for all. With streaming platforms and mp3s DJs be able to access all the songs you could ever want and you just need to ensure that there’s an internet connection available to take any requests for songs that last a minute!

2. Affordable

With just one DJ to payfor, the total cost of a DJ at a wedding is usually lower than a band for weddings with at least three members. Couples may decide to use a portion of their entertainment budgets towards wedding DJs before the ceremony.

3. Resilient

A professional DJ is able to get the room moving and is able to alter their sets at any time. If the guests aren’t responding with the house 90s music it’s possible to mix the mood with an old school disco, or play a floor filler exactly the right time.

4. No Gaps Between Songs

DJs have the benefit of being able to effortlessly transition from one track to the next. This allows for a continuous dance mix that will keep the dancers.

5. Adjustable Volume

With so many venues using sound limiters, the volume of music could be an important aspect. Although a band might struggle to perform at certain volumes, it’s not a problem for DJs who can reduce the volume to the level that is required.

6. Small Footprint

If space for the venue is a problem then a wedding DJ could be the ideal choice for you. With just a DJ booth speakers and a lighting system DJs can modify their setup to meet the needs of your guests.

Wedding DJs – Cons

1. Energy

While live bands will naturally invigorate the space with their music but it’s much more difficult for DJs to turn up the mood without a crowd that is willing to.

2. Not as original

DJs may not be the same as live music that has a distinct style of performance. Professional DJs bring personality and awe to the stage, however it is usually dependent on the person performing.

Wedding Band vs DJ (or Both?)

If you have the money for it the live wedding band paired with a DJ will offer you the most effective of both.

There is nothing quite like the excitement and performance of a live band but it’s tough to match the vast collection of music that DJs have at their disposal.