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Second Person Makes Claims About BBC Presenter

A second person has come forward with a complaint about the BBC presenter accused of paying a teenager thousands of pounds for sexually explicit photos.

The person told BBC News they felt threatened by the unnamed star at the centre of the row.

The individual in their early 20s was first contacted anonymously by the male presenter on a dating app, according to the BBC.

They reportedly said they were put under pressure to meet up but never did.

BBC presenter latest: Police issue update after asking BBC to pause investigation

When the person hinted online they might name the presenter they were sent abusive, expletive-filled messages, the BBC said.

It said it had seen “a number of threatening messages” and had verified they had been sent from a phone number belonging to the presenter.

The young person told the broadcaster they had been scared by the power the presenter held and the threats in the messages had frightened them.

BBC News said it had contacted the presenter via his lawyer but had received no response to the allegations.

The latest allegations add further pressure for the BBC after it suspended the unnamed male star over allegations published by The Sun newspaper that he paid a teenager for explicit images.

The claims were made by the mother and stepfather of the young person, who is now aged 20.

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The BBC said it did not put allegations to the presenter until seven weeks after they were first raised.

The corporation released its own timeline of events over the allegations.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed it had asked the BBC to halt proceedings while officers assess whether a criminal act has been committed.