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FAQs Around Honours Nominations

The nominations to the Honours are accepted from all people in the public. The Prime Minister would like this list to represent of the entire society both women and men from all segments of society.

There are only 1000 awards on the list of Prime Ministers therefore only those who have rendered exceptional service are likely to be successful. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the efforts of the other candidates are not appreciated or go unnoticed.

The possibility of submitting a nomination is available at anytime. Your candidature will be acknowledged in 28 days, however it’s not possible for you to provide further details, or reports on progress regarding your nomination.

The most frequently asked questions regarding Honours:

1 . Should I inform the person I’ve nominated them?

No. It’s not right to make the nominee’s expectations higher in the event that they fail to meet their expectations.

2 . Do I need to state what kind of Honour I believe is due?

No. It is the Honours Secretary who will decide this for you.

3 . What is the time frame for the process? be?

It takes at least 6 months to complete the application in time for the New Year or Birthday (June) Honours Lists and it is likely to take between 12 and 18 months for a highly qualified candidate to get the job done in the face of the high volume of competition.

4 . Do I have the right to nominate someone who is not anymore involved in the activities I’d like to be recognized?

It is generally accepted in the event that they had stopped involvement within the past six months (further details will be provided within the nominations form).

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5 . What do I know to tell whether my nomination has been good enough?

If your nominee’s application is accepted, their name will be listed on the list of names published in the national papers during the New Year or on the King’s birthday.

6 . If my nomination isn’t successful, can I submit a second nomination?

Yes, as long as the person who was nominated is engaged in the job that prompted you to nominate them initially. It is recommended to not re-nominate until two years have passed from the date when the initial nomination was submitted.