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You have found your wedding photographer – this is the information they will need

Finding the ideal wedding photographer Edinburgh can be a frightening issue, as you’re placing your trust in someone else to capture pictures of the most significant day of your life! It is best to choose an artist whose work you enjoy and with whom you enjoy working with.

I receive a lot of wedding inquires and couples just tell me the date of their wedding and inquire if I’m available. This is a great starting point however, to receive a precise estimate from a wedding photographer It is best to inform them a little about the wedding you’re planning and what you’re seeking, so they can provide a wealth of information.

If I receive an inquiry that has a lot of information I am able to get a greater understanding of the couple and their plans . I am able to give a wedding estimate that’s specific to their wedding. I will also give additional details.

Questions to ask when searching for Scotland wedding photography:

What is the date of your wedding (the photographer can confirm immediately, to see if the date remains open in their calendar). Sometimes, I receive an “vague” request. The couple might be aware that their wedding will be in the summer next year, but aren’t sure of a date. It’s best to begin talking to photographers once you’ve had an established date in your calendar.
What’s your wedding’s location. What is the significance of this? Your photographer may have been there, and can provide you with photos of weddings they’ve taken at the wedding and give you an idea of their style.
How many guests will be attending your wedding. If you have only 10 guests at your wedding, the photographer will give you a few sample photos from intimate weddings. If you have 200 guests attending your wedding An unexperienced wedding photographer is probably not the best choice to tackle the task.
A brief description of your wedding plans You can provide the photographer more details about your weddingday, the details of your wedding plans as well as your timetable.
Two photographers or one? Do you think that you need two photographers, or will one suffice? Simply because many photographers include two photographers with their services doesn’t necessarily mean they’re essential for your wedding.
How long will the photographer to be there? You should think about the length of time you’d like your photographer to be there for at your wedding. Do you need photos during the wedding preparations? Do you need photographs of the guys getting ready as well (this implies you’ll need two photographers at least early in the early hours of morning!)? Do you want them stay until speeches are over or do you need an photographer to be there until the dance party later in the evening?
What do you expect to receive from your wedding? Are you content with the photos stored on a USB drive? Or would you like an album for your wedding that includes some of your most loved wedding photographs? Do you wish to have both albums and USB? Do you wish to get the largest frame you can put on your walls, do you wish to have parent albums or are you searching for some prints could be displayed throughout your home?

You’ve discovered your wedding photographer – this is the info they’ll need

I am extremely organised for weddings! It’s like SUPER organized! I ask for a lot of details from the couple a few weeks prior to the wedding to make me more organized and will ensure that I’m not the cause for the wedding being delayed on the day of the wedding.

Here’s what I’d like to know, and why:

How are the brides getting ready? I want to know where she’s traveling from, the time they take to get there and what could be the possible problems that could arise from this (based on my own experience)
What is the location where the bride gets ready? (as in the above picture).
The names of the first names for both of the parents. I’ll learn their names before the wedding day so that I can properly address them on the day of the wedding.
The first names of all siblings, bridesmaids, The Best Man and and the Ushers, this will help me find those who are right for the day of the wedding.
What time does the bride intend to leave for the wedding and when? (what type of vehicle)
What time is the groom’s arrival in the venue?
When does the ceremony start?
What kind of ceremony do you want to have? (Religious, humanist, civil service)
What time will the ceremony last?
What is the name of the person who will be celebrating? (so I am able to adress them properly)
Who will take the first step down the aisle? Flowergirls, bridesmaids, and the bride in what order?
Are there any surprises planned for the ceremony or after the ceremony, or during the reception or during the meal or during the celebrations in the evening?
Can confetti be used in the venue/church?
How do guests travel from the ceremony location to the reception location? (walk, drive)
What is the time frame in the evening for reception?
Is there an organist at the church, or for the couple to be announced in the room for dinner?
What time will guests be requested to enter the dining area?
When will the speeches be? After dinner, before or during the reception? Are there any speakers?
Is there any receiving lines, in the event that it is, when?
What time during the reception is it acceptable for the couple to get their pictures taken? (I also consider the season – in Scotland sunsets are extremely early in winter. I’ll try to get photographs of the couple immediately after the wedding ceremony in order to capture the final little bit of light in the winter months.).
What time of reception is the best time for family photos? (so that the couple are aware of the event is planned).
What are the family pictures that are a requirement for the groom and bride?
What is the wedding venue’s coordinator’s name? (so I can contact them prior to the wedding and confirm the time of the wedding)
When do you want for cutting the cake? Prior to the speeches, or before dancing the initial dance?
When will the band begin? What time will the first dance begin?
Do the couple have any special requirements?

With all the information I have I then create what I refer to as”a “job sheet” that I carry in my pocket as well as on my mobile. In all instances at your wedding I am aware of what’s going to happen, and with whom, who can assist me (ushers) or who I should contact for specific things, etc.

The more your photographer is aware of your wedding, the better more prepared.

When I shoot photos in a place that I’ve never been to before, I be sure to go to the venue at least a couple of weeks before the wedding day and discuss with the wedding coordinator regarding the timeframe of your wedding and the things I need to keep an eye out for.