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What Do Bodyguards Do?

When you think of personal security guards the thoughts may turn towards high-profile business leaders or famous people. But, personal security officers aren’t only for celebs they’re available to anyone with safety concerns. As per the American Psychiatric Association, U.S. adults are getting more worried. About 40% of Americans aged 18-34 say they are very worried about the safety of their families. Bodyguards can reduce some anxieties about safety and health.

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) approximately 3.4 million workers were employed in occupations that require protection in May 2018. Particularly, security and investigation services employ 740,760 individuals. Bodyguards are extra eyes and ears, paying the situation with a keen eye. They are specially trained to observe the individuals who surround you. They can also discern their motives. They will ensure that you have security that is sufficient to withstand any scenario and utilize surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques. Businesses and individuals alike are able to benefit from an individual protection officer as well as bodyguard services to provide security and peace of thought.

What are the Bodyguards’ responsibilities?

Bodyguards, private security officers, security personnelAll of them have a common goal: to protect you from risk. Whatever risks are ahead We are experts in personal security and security consultation to ensure that you are safe regardless of the situation. What exactly is a bodyguard’s job? They are constantly multitasking searching for security risks. They are responsible for keeping yourself prepared, evaluating your security’s strength and deterring criminals and hearing and seeing all kinds of security tasks. These are just one of the many benefits to engage bodyguards.

1. Make sure you are prepared for any eventuality.

Since anything can happen within one second, guards need to be on their toes and be ready for what’s to come. They’re trained to adjust to any circumstance — even the most unlikely. Preparation includes planning. As part of their duties security guards will conduct pre-inspection for clients. They will inspect the area, vehicle, or structure for potential security threats, such as the use of weapons or equipment to bug, prior to the client entering. It is essential for clients to ensure that their bodyguards have the flexibility to be able to handle any situation with a clear mind and a clear head. Certain cases may call for disguises, such as. Bodyguards aren’t afraid of sudden changes and are able to assume the job, ready for any situation.

2. Evaluate the Strength of Security

Working every day is a part of your daily routine and you probably aren’t thinking of ways to increase security in the workplace. Fortunately, security guards take care of that for you. One of their most important tasks is to assess the security’s effectiveness whether in the office, at a school, a retail store or even at your home. They assess any weaknesses — like the security system as well as door locks and windows for instance which could create danger. Bodyguards can offer tips or suggest other solutions to safeguard against weaknesses. With the help of Celebrity Bodyguards, you’ll be able to be confident that you’re secure at home, work or at school.

3. To deter crime

When you employ the services of a bodyguard, you’re more than only securing yourself in case the crime happens however, you’re also helping to stop the crime altogether. Employing security guards to guard your business, specifically is a way to deter crime as the majority of people be more cautious about stealing if they have professional security at the exit and entrance. A study found that hiring security guards with professional training can improve the effectiveness of new crime detection. Security guards can also be extremely helpful when traveling by themselves since criminals will be less inclined to attack your safety with your presence. If the bodyguard you choose to use is carrying weapons, it could be enough to stop a possible attack. Do not wait to inquire about the services of a bodyguard until after an attack has occurred Hire your bodyguard now to stop crimes from occurring.

4. Watch and Hear Everything

Because bodyguards are constantly in high alert, they’re incredibly attentive and can observe virtually anything. They can pick up on conversations or observe a person’s unusual behaviour in a large group because they’re trained to spot risky situations. People who aren’t trained to be aware of the warning signs just like a personal security officer would and this is another reason to have personal security. Many people are busy So having an extra pair of ears and eyes at all times can help you identify and reduce risk, so that you’re secure and concentrate on the work at hand.

5. Assist with other security-related tasks

In certain instances like a business setting, bodyguards can be assigned security roles. Security guard firms could be looking for damage to property or changes to equipment, or logging the daily activities. Security guards’ duties could include checking people’s entry into the area, such as those who go to the business or school in order to ensure they do not pose threat. When bodyguards take on the duties of security guards they will also have to inspect and modify security systems frequently and inform other people of any rules or infractions within the premises, if needed. Due to their versatility and knowledge, they’re extremely proficient in a variety of areas and have the know-how to provide the best protection.

Benefits of having a bodyguard and Personal Protector

Once you’ve got an idea of a handful of things bodyguards and personal protection officers are responsible for and are able to do, you can begin to see the ways they can help you in your everyday life. There are many benefits that a person with a bodyguard can provide, like a quick response to dangerous situations. If you’ve never thought of hiring a bodyguard up to now you’ll discover the many ways their skills and surveillance capabilities, as well as their excellent quality of character and overall protection will help you and provide peace of mind. If you’re still pondering, “Do I need a bodyguard?” consider the following advantages of having a bodyguard and find out for yourself.

1. Quick Response Time

Each every year, in the U.S., people make around 240 million 911 calls. Although some of these calls might not be life-threatening however, a lot of them are. If you employ an bodyguard, you’ll are armed with a line of defense whenever you move, any time you require it. While police do their best to reach the scene as fast as they can, the response time can determine the outcome of a risky situation. With bodyguards, there’s never waiting around. All the protection employees here are trained in firearms, combat and first aid. So, you can be confident that you are working with a highly skilled professional who can respond quickly to any dangers that occur. This is only reason to employ a personal security officer.

2. Surveillance Services

In addition to combat, firearm and first aid training, professional bodyguards are also trained in surveillance and counter-surveillance. The training helps bodyguards remain one step ahead of the game with all the information they require to know to ensure you are protected. Certain bodyguard services offer private investigators who conduct data and research that can aid them in assessing your situation. They are able to monitor surveillance already installed and could add additional cameras as a protection measure. If you are being blackmailed by someone for instance you can rely on private bodyguards to investigate the cause of the issue and locate the culprit , who is a private investigator and surveillance expert. Surveillance is also useful in other environments, such as schools and business.

3. Diverse skills

Bodyguards can perform whatever they believe is essential to protect you and have multiple ways of protecting themselves, as shown through their various skills. Because personal protection officers and bodyguards officers have been trained to fight and are physically tough and mentally strong prepared for anything. In addition, they know how to handle firearms and weapons They don’t be able to freeze when they have to act. If you are injured the bodyguard will be aware of how to apply first aid to ensure you receive prompt attention. With a variety of methods for both mental and physical training, your bodyguard will possess the experience and knowledge to be able to react appropriately to any circumstance.

4. A great judge of character

In the midst of a huge crowd, security guards are able to scan their eyes from person to in search of unusual or suspicious body language, or behaviour that could be the risk of posing a risk. Bodyguards and personal protection officers are taught to be alert for individuals who are involved in a movie that are especially useful because the average person might not necessarily think like this. It’s easy to fall victim to your own guard at times, but security experts are adept at spotting suspicious individuals and remain in control. This ability can help your bodyguard guard yourself from potential dangers and situations.

5. Peace of Mind

Bodyguards are there to ensure that you’ll spend less worried about safety and instead spend your time completing your work and doing what you love. Fear could eventually become a part of your life and prevent you from doing things that you enjoyed. There’s no need to fight the fear on your own. When you choose to hire an individual bodyguard or personal security officer You’re saying no to letting fear take control of your life. You’ll also have the additional security, and you’ll finally be able to take a breath and enjoy tranquility. In a workplace setting the hiring of Personal Protection Officers and security guards could enhance employee performance as they are able to concentrate on their jobs knowing that they’re secure.

Who Really Needs a Bodyguard?

In the past, it was thought that only the most eliteand wealthy people are those who need the services of a bodyguard. Many are now realizing that they too might benefit from the services of a bodyguard. The public is shifting away from the belief that only celebrities need bodyguards. When you’re CEO, another business executive, manage school, are a general manager for a company or are trying to get out of a shady relationship or are in the public eye it is possible that you need security for yourself. If you’re in one of these categories you should increase your safety and security by having the help of a bodyguard.

1. Executives and CEOs

The BLS says that chief executives are an occupation that ranks among the top 10 highest paid jobs. Chief executives are expected to earn around $190,000 per year, but they could make more depending on the company and the exact place they stand. With the power and money associated with taking on a high-ranking executive position in the company comes responsibilities and dangers.

When you’re an executive in an important business, your riches may be the object of the burglary. Furthermore, you may be the one responsible for firing employees from the company , who could become unhappy and cause danger to you and your colleagues. The year 2016 saw 66 out of the 500 workplace murders occurred due to a colleague or an employee as per the BLS. If you’re in a high-profile part of your job you should consider hiring a bodyguard in order to protect yourself from people who might be trying to profit from you and your position, or who could be a danger to you.

2. Businesses

If you’re in a place that sells valuables and manage money, you could be at risk of being unsafe in the absence of a personal security guard or officer. As per the National Retail Federation, lost inventory because of theft, error shoplifting or fraudwhich is also known as shrink — was responsible for $46.8 billion of loss in retail sales in the year the year 2017.

However, the missing product isn’t really the biggest aspect to consider. If you’re in the business of dealing in the field of money, you’re at risk of robberies, which made up 152 out of 500 workplace deaths in 2016 as per the BLS. Even for large companies that are not retail Bodyguards are a great way to block access to secured areas of the building in order to protect against security breaches of sensitive information. Bodyguards are extremely helpful for retail companies and large corporations as well.

3. People who are escaping a relationship Gone Bad

Over one-third of women and over one-in-four males within the U.S. have experienced physical assault, rape, or stalking from an intimate partner as per the National Domestic Violence Hotline. If you’ve just come out of a relationship that went wrong or were previously victimized by domestic violence, you should hire an experienced protection officer to safeguard you from your ex-partner who is abusive. Domestic violence may be physical and psychological or physical abuse and threats of sexual violence or any other abuse.

It is reported that the National Domestic Violence Hotline also informs us over 12 million men and women are victims of physical violence, or stalking from your partner of intimate relations within the U.S. every year. Resolving this issue is a frightening experience however, you don’t have to go it alone if you are protected by a second source. If you’re trying to escape the aftermath of a relationship ending with a bad ending or victimized by domestic violence or domestic violence, you should get an individual bodyguard.

4. People in the spotlight of the public

Although celebrities and other prominent people are used to being spotlighted and attention, you may find yourself in a position where you’re being scrutinized by the media in a way you’re not accustomed to. If you were the victim of a major crime or won a lottery, you’ll need to safeguard your personal information and identity should you be able to, in these instances. However, you don’t be able to keep your identity secret.

If you have won in the lotto, you may be a to target for robbers. Secure yourself and your prize by employing an individual bodyguard. If you have witnessed the perpetrator of a crime, a guard could protect you until the trial ends and the criminal is found guilty. If you are the victim of unexpected public attention such as personal bodyguards or protection officers can provide security services.

5. Schools

If you’re looking to improve security at your school, think about the purchase of security services. Students and teachers must be able to school and be focused on working and learning without having to worry about their security. As per the 2017 Indicators of School Safety and Crime report There were around 827,000 total instances of victimization for students between the ages of 12 and 18 at school in the year 2017. The term “victimization” refers to theft, or any other violent , but non-fatal victimization.

The report, compiled through the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics, states that in 2017 around 4 percent from high school pupils admitted to carrying a weapon such as guns, knives, or club within the past 30 days. Security officers can provide the extra security your school might require to protect students and focus on education.