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Ways Bollywood Dance Class Can Benefit You

Physical exercise is a essential for people of all different ages! However, it doesn’t need to be so monotonous and grueling that you’re done in less than one week. Dancing is a form of entertainment that has been in existence since the beginning of time and is open to everyone There is no requirement to be a fit or flexible person to be a part of it. Bollywood dancing is an exuberant fusion of many different dance forms , such as bhangra hip-hop, jazz and kathak. It is often found in the most popular Bollywood films. Below are a few benefits for mental and physical health benefits of taking classes in Bollywood dance class

1. It boosts your mood

Any type of exercise will release serotonin into our bodies. As many of you may know already, serotonin is the “feel-good” hormone that regulates our mood. While low levels of it can cause anxiety, depression and sleep disorders, having the right levels can aid digestion, regulate sleep cycles , and boost overall well-being. Apart from the chemical response, dancing can also distract you from negative thoughts and help you focus in the moment. You’ll find through Bollywood dance schools workshops, Bollywood dance in particular is a dance form filled with joy, laughter and laughter . You can never go wrong when looking for a pick-me-up!

2. Improves heart and lung health

Dancing is one of the best ways to burn calories! What exactly is vital to exercise? The term comes directly from the Greek word Kardia which is a synonym for heart. In the fitness industry it refers to all exercises that the heart rate up and maintain it for a while. Exercises like this can reduce the risk of various lung and cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension, stroke, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and more. Simply put, in a Bollywood dance class your lungs and your heart are challenged to keep up with your body and become stronger .

3. Strengthens and balance

Bollywood dancing can be described as a full-body workout, meaning that activates all of your muscles once you’re getting into the groove of it. This can help tone and strengthen all of your muscles at the same time. You’ll begin to notice changes in your regular life after a time for example, being able lift heavier objects easier. Studies have also proven that dancing can actually lead to changes in the brain which are linked with improved balance, which tends to deteriorate as you the passage of time. In the end, regular dance can make you feel younger!

4. Helps you socialize more

Before COVID-19, we were living in a time which was experiencing an increase in level of loneliness. It can have a significant impact on physical and mental well-being over the long run. The trend has been growing for a long time, and attempts were even being put into combating it, such as the bar Hitori that was opened in Tokyo that was only open to those who were on their own. Then the epidemic hit and we were required to stay away from all kinds of activities and gatherings for our own safety. Spending months alone at a time has made it more difficult for some people to participate in social gatherings.

5. Builds stamina

The elevator breaks down and you’re forced to walk up to the seventh floor with your partner, however you don’t want to be the first to let it be known that you’re completely out of breath – trust us, we’ve been there! We’re all embarrassed to admit how much strength we actually have. But nothing changes if you ignore it. Strengthening your stamina is not only about your confidence – stamina increases can keep you energized on long hours and keep you focused on the stressful ones. Dancing is a great way to build muscles that can endure more and the heartbeat to be faster, which results in increased stamina as time passes. After a few weeks of regularly scheduled classes may actually have you choosing to go up the stairs instead.

6. Keeps your mind sharp

We’ve established that dancing can help you concentrate better in daily activities, however, do the benefits for your brain extend beyond that? Absolutely. A new study that was published in Brain Sciences has shown that dance training can help reduce signs of Parkinson’s Disease over time. Another study that was published in 2018 suggests that dance improves “global cognitive function and cognitive flexibility, as well as working memory, verbal fluency and also learning”. The evidence is expanding if you search and the main point remains that dancing is not only a way to exercise your body, but also for your brain.

7. Stimulates the bones

Bollywood dancing is an intense exercisethat involves jumps, for example, that take both your feet from the floor. Studies have demonstrated that such kind of exercise can keep your joints healthy and improve bone mass density particularly for women in their later years. This could reduce the risk of injuries such as fractures as well as the risk of developing bone disease with increasing age. While the loss of bone density is a natural part of growing older but preventative measures such as Bollywood dancing classes could slow the effects of this.


Given our unhealthy lifestyles (sitting for an extended period of the day, eating out frequently and sleeping less hours than we’re supposed to) it’s vital to be as careful with damage control as possible to lead long and healthy lives. Due to the numerous benefits discussed above, we are confident that Bollywood dancing can bring that balance into your life.