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Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Which is the best hair-transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) are two of the most sought-after methods for hair transplant in Turkey. The major distinction between them is that in the FUE method the recipient is located before the graft’s implant in contrast to the DHI method both spotting and grafting is performed simultaneously using Choi’s Choi implant pen. This allows for total control over the depth, which allows for the direction and the angle of placement on each hair transplant.

Both methods produce the same results. However, your physician must determine the best method for transplantation depending on the type of hair loss you have as well as the extent of the area that is thinning as well as the quality and size of the donor region.

What is the reason Turkish Transplants for Hair? Transplant is so popular?

Loss of hair at a early age is one of the most frequent problems encountered by both genders across the globe. Thus, it is the reason for creation of various techniques and methods to help restore hair growth. In this respect, Turkish hair transplant has gained a lot of attention as a way to deal with the issue. Turkish hair transplant is founded on follicular unit extract also known as FUE. Turkey is among the first countries in which it was performed.

As previously mentioned, Turkish hair transplant uses the FUE method, which is expensive and requires a lot of expertise on the part the surgeon to get the desired outcome. This process involves removing hair follicles that are located at the donor site and transferring them to the site of recipient. This method of hair transplantation is minimally invasive and very secure method of treating hair loss. One of the primary factors behind its popularity is that it leaves only minimal marks and has a faster time to recover compared to other options for treatment. Expert surgeons from the top centers for hair transplants within Turkey carry out the procedure under local anesthesia , which is used to numb the donor and recipient regions.

The problem is that in European countries, it can be very difficult to determine whether they are able to afford the cost of a hair transplant because of the cost of both surgery and transplantation. Many clinics in Turkey offer packages with all the necessary components for patients. These packages include all medications, all transfers and even free accommodation. There aren’t any hidden charges and this does not pose the issue of whether individuals are able to afford a hair procedure or not. In comparison to the costs that hair transplants are in the United States, the price to have hair transplants done in Turkey is about a third or quarter of a quart, so that is among the main reasons for why Turkish hair Transplant is so Popular.

What makes Turkey one of the top hair Transplant Destination?

In the area of plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, Turkey is one of the most sought-after nations in the world. It is a true centre in medical tourism. In addition to the numerous surgical practices, we have Turkish hair transplants. But, since the early year 2000s Turkey is now the location for the majority of hair transplants around the world. Why is this? The medical education system has changed dramatically over the years as there is a higher percentage of medical doctors than those in countries such as those of the United States, France, Greece as well as New Zealand! This is why a variety of hospitals have been established in Turkey which include more than 500 hair-transplant facilities in Istanbul in Istanbul alone.

The lure of Turkey for hair transplants has an enormous following each year. It is evident that around 180,000 people go to Turkey for hair transplants in the year 2019. Patients come predominantly from Europe, Asia, but they also come those from United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. The reputation of those who do not want to wait for hours to undergo surgery that promises to transform their lives. This could be the answer to “Why Turkish Hair Transplants Are Popular?” as well.

What Can Turkish hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey Have to Offer?

It is possible to ask why Turkish Hair Transplants Are so popular? Since Turkish hair transplant clinics provide DHI and FUE transplant packages to meet every need of the patient. the standard packages typically consist of:

Consultation with a hair transplant specialist
Blood tests
DHI and FUE hair plant itself
All the drugs and consumables and medications
Hair wash
barber service
post-operative care post-op
Accommodation (usually in the form of a hotel)
airport-clinic-airport transfers
Assistance with language

Hair Transplant Statistics in Turkey

The procedure of hair transplantation Turkey has earned the country a world-wide recognition for being one of the more efficient and cost-effective treatments due to the surgeons’ excellent standards and reasonable costs. Many consider Turkey as the ideal place to get the top hair transplant procedure anywhere in the world. There are over 500 clinics for hair transplants located in Istanbul in the city alone, and thousands of hair transplant clinics in Turkey and this is one of the reasons Turkish Hair Transplants are So popular.

According to the statistics of the Turkish Health Care Travel Council in 2015, more than 60,000 patients go to Turkey for high-quality hair transplants each year. According to the Council on Foreign Economic Relation Board estimates that the hair transplant industry is more than $1 billion annually. The chairman of the Association of Tourism and Travel Agencies in the Middle East estimates that between 150 and 500 hair transplants are carried out in Turkey each week.

What is the reason to go to Turkey to get the Hair Transplant?

Turkish Hair Transplant Clinic offers hair transplants for only $3000. The cost, however, isn’t the sole reason behind the reason Turkey is a preferred destination for hair transplants. A lot of patients are drawn to the hair transplant procedure in Turkey through skilled hair transplant surgeons. After becoming experts of hair restoration group of doctors from Turkey could perform hair transplants with great accuracy.

Turkey is also known internationally for its decades-long research into hair loss. With over 500 clinics for hair replacement and hospitals set up surgeons have been recognized in the increase of patients recommended to them.

There are many reasons an institution in Turkey is able to offer hair transplants at a cost of as low as PS3000:

Turkish Economy The Economy of Turkey Euro Dollar, Euro, and Pound trading at TRY 15.54 and TRY 14.22 or TRY 18.83 respectively, foreign tourists profit from savings on the cost of exchange rates.

Cost of Living Cost of Living in Turkey is considerably lower than countries like the United States, United Kingdom and a number of Western European countries.

Highly skilled personnel available Hair transplant surgeons in Turkey is subject to strict medical supervision that demands them to be certified prior to participating in any surgery.

The path to plastic surgery has become the practice and, with the arrival of world-class surgeons operating in economies that are more affordable and countries, we will likely witness a steady rise on the amount of patients going to clinics for hair transplants in Turkey for surgeries. This will cause a significant change in the perception of the cost of hair transplants cost around the world and how clinics are evaluated by their offerings in comparison to their place of operation.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey to undergo a hair Transplant?

It is indeed possible to visit Turkey to undergo an operation to remove hair. Istanbul isn’t just an interesting and historical tourist attraction, but also a hair transplant centre. A large number of people visit Turkey each year to undergo not just hair transplants, but also other procedures like orthopedics, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery and oncology as well as organ transplants.

Is Turkey the best option for Hair Transplants?

Turkey is the top alternative in the world in terms of hair transplants. There are many other countries where you can receive top-quality hair transplants but they’re all more costly. Due to this, medical tourism in this country is growing rapidly.

Why You Should Begin your Transfer of Hair Journey in Turkey

The popularity of Turkey as a hair transplant location has grown dramatically over the last few years. The primary reasons behind this rise in popularity are briefly explained below.

A Selection of International Standard Hospitals and Clinics

Turkey provides a range of clinics and hospitals to those seeking the most effective hair transplant services. It is home to some of the top clinics and hospitals equipped with the most modern equipment and materials for the most efficient procedures. The most important thing is that the top hair transplant clinics and hospitals in Turkey adhere to a variety of procedural rules to limit the risks associated with it.

Contact Us the most experienced and qualified Surgeons for Hair Transplants.

The accessibility of the best skilled and knowledgeable surgeons who can successfully carry out a hair transplant procedure is an additional important factor that makes Turkey an ideal location to perform this surgery. Because of the strict regulations for medical procedures in Turkey that make it difficult to find an untrained surgeon or a fraud in this field are extremely low. Additionally, when skilled surgeons carry out the procedure of hair transplantation there is a lower chance of complications occurring during the procedure are drastically decreased.

Offering the Best Service at Affordable Costs

The price of hair growth repair procedure in Turkey is very affordable as compared to many western nations. Clinics located in Turkey provide services with the same high-quality for a lower cost than those in western nations. The best clinics offering the service are generally lower than the standard clinic in a major European city. Hair procedure procedures for transplants in Turkey are becoming an extremely cost-effective solution for those who have limited resources.

How to choose one of Best Hair Transplant Clinic

Turkey has numerous clinics that offer hair transplants for interested patients. Naturally, this means that choosing the most suitable clinic quite challenging. The best method to ease the burden is to think about the following factors prior to completing the procedure.

Learn More About the Medical Infrastructure of the Clinic

Get detailed information about the credentials and experience of the surgeon who performs the procedure.

Learn about the different types of postoperative care that patients receive in the clinic.

The patient is advised to examine the total price of the procedure which will be billed to the hospital.

Things to Consider Prior to and after Hair Transplantation

You’ve decided to get hair transplants. What do I do? The most crucial thing you should do prior to you undergo a hair transplant is to do some doing some research. The more skilled clinics you locate, the better outcomes you can expect. The most experienced surgeons will always give details on preparation prior to and following the procedure. However, as an indication of early caution, among the commonly used actions you need to avoid include smoking and drinking alcohol. It is not recommended to drink or smoke for at least a week prior to surgery. Other issues are specialized to you A doctor who is an expert can create a customized list of your needs. This includes the medicines you use, the chronic illnesses you suffer from as well as your diet.

The full recovery following this procedure will take about two and two-thirds up to 4 months. The most crucial time period is the first 15 days. The area that has been treated should not be affected for the first 2 days. This includes showers. In the initial 2 weeks of the period, athletic activities are forbidden. Additionally, there are activities like solarium, sauna or spa. Any supplement or blood thinner is considered risky during this procedure. It is advised to wear clothes that have buttons or zippers in order to avoid touching the area being treated. After 2 weeks, you can only cut the hair with scissors. After 45 weeks, all kinds of hair treatments are able to be utilized. If the operation is successful after 4 months, your hair will be growing normal as it begins to recover.

As we’ve already mentioned hair transplants in Istanbul also offers other benefits. As an additional benefit, we think about sightseeing trips that have made the “Why Turkish Hair Transplants Are so popular?” question popular. Most people who visit Istanbul to undergo hair transplants stays for an additional few days to explore the city. That’s not surprising, Istanbul is a city that is a delight for all. Also, there is the matter of cost. Treatment for transplants performed in Europe will cost much more than Turkey with less quality, and there is no chance to see sights like Hagia Sophia. It is the reason medical travel is an old-fashioned adventure.