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Benefits Of Hiring A Marquee Vs A Traditional Venue

Anyone who’s tried to organize a large celebration will know how difficult it is to locate the perfect location, no matter whether it’s a commercial gathering, event, party or wedding. What better option than to create your own event space by scratch? A marquee rental can provide numerous advantages for many celebrations, whether they’re informal or formal the marquee can be customized to ensure that you’re ready for any event. If you’ve never booked a marquee, take a look more about why it could be the perfect choice for you.

The advantages from hiring marquees over traditional venues

There is no guest limit!

If you lease an event that is constructed from cement and bricks, it’s got only a small capacity. However, with an enclosed marquee, you’ll be more flexible in regards to the guests. Even if no one RSVPs to your invitations, but everyone shows to show up, you can be sure that you will have plenty of room in the ideal size structure that can accommodate everyone. Your marquee can be constructed to fit perfectly with the event you’ve planned So you’ll never be apprehensive about space!

Location is location, location, the location

Your marquee could be constructed in a gorgeous setting, and you won’t need to be stuck in a conventional venue , which is now amidst an ice cream shop and a nightclub. It is possible to hold your party in a beautiful farm, in your backyard garden, or at the beach. As the marquee hire Bath service can set up the entire structure up for you. You also have the option of choosing the perfect location for your event.

Create your own style using a blank piece of paper

The great thing about having a venue designed specifically for you is that you’ll have a blank space to draw on in addition it is certain to appear fresh, clean and contemporary. In contrast to traditional venues that are typically boring due to the lack of windows and old, flimsy carpets that could detract from the event Marquees have clean, modern flooring as well as abundant windows (should you choose to) which allows you to take advantage of the views and soak up the sunshine that comes in.

It is simpler to budget

Whatever your needs, whether you have a huge budget, you’ll be able to locate the perfect marquee within your budget range, meaning you don’t have to settle for a less expensive location. You can pick your caterers, decorations florists, caterers, etc. and choose the providers of your choice, or arrange it by contacting your marquee hire service It’s yours to decide. You can customize your rental package to suit your budget and needs without difficulty.

Peace and privacy

In a traditional venue for events the likelihood is that there will be a visit by guests who aren’t invited and have been through the wrong doors inside the venue, while an event marquee offers a distinct and private space for only the guests that have been invited to join to be there, avoiding disturbances.

Take advantage of the extras

Marquee hire companies typically offer a variety of additional services like the interiors, exteriors, marquee accessories and decorations. This allows you to plan every aspect of your wedding all in one place, through one organization and make the entire process as simple as it can be. This is especially beneficial when you’re in search of wedding marquee rental since it makes the event more relaxing as you’ll have no one to talk to when making plans.

Versatile space

There are many reasons people rent marquees. Here are the most popular:

Hire of a marquee for a party
Corporate marquee for hire
Wedding marquee rental
Christening marquee hire
Hire of a marquee for the anniversary celebration
Birthday marquee rental

Marquees can be styled either way, simply contact your marquee hire firm for ideas. The right venue for your event is crucial to ensure the most comfortable, cost-effective and enjoyable experience – so make it your own and select a custom service and a bespoke location.

Many kinds of marquees

There are marquees in various shapes and sizes. They include:

Clearspan Marquees
Tipi Tents
Traditional Marquees

Providing you with the perfect location Marquees can be as large, small or as unique according to your preferences. Clearspan marquees aren’t equipped with central poles. They’re great for big events, and the large windows on the side are ideal for beautiful locations.

Tipi tents look stunning and are available in a variety of sizes. Their quirky rustic, bohemian style lends itself to make for beautiful weddings and birthday celebrations.

Traditional marquees offer a classy setting for all kinds of occasions. If you’re not certain you’re in the right place, this is a great option that still oozes quality.


Traditional venues are equipped with bathrooms, electric heating, toilets and so on… And that is also true for marquees! Marquee firms will be in a position to handle the logistics for you including heating, toilets generators, tables and chairs, linings, and decorations and more – all will be handled.

The catering is entirely up to you

If you’re looking for suggestions or prefer a particular restaurant you’d like to choose the marquee service you choose could be as involved as you’d want, so that your event is a success. the best of them!