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A Guide to Ordering Men’s Hair Systems

You may be trying your new style or looking for a method to cover up your head that is bald hair-care systems can be a fantastic way to boost your confidence that will leave you feeling comfortable with your appearance.

Making the transition to the world of hair to the very first time may seem overwhelming, especially when confronted with the endless variety of men hair systems, materials, and designs. It’s difficult to know where to begin however, that’s why we’re here to help you each step of the process!

Step One: Choose your hair system type

The first step to consider when purchasing the right hair product is to choose if you’d prefer an existing (pre-made) or a custom system. It will depend on your financial budget and individual needs in line with your lifestyle and style preference. You’re probably wondering what’s the differences are between these two options and here’s a brief outline:

Men’s hairpieces that are pre-made and stock are made using the most popular base materials. This is an excellent alternative for those seeking a fast and affordable solution. If you’re looking to experiment using hair-replacement systems in the beginning and wish to determine what you like prior to taking the plunge into a custom hair-replacement system:

The sizes of the base vary from 7″ 9″ and 8″ 10″ with a variety of attachment options available. This size, which is larger in dimension, has become most well-known and is able to be reduced to smaller dimensions should you need to.
The wide variety of gray and color combinations.
Variable length, density, and design choices.
A quick 1 week delivery period which means you’ll get the new style in no time.

Customized hair systems for males are the most requested choice among our clients. This is due to the fact that they enable you to attain more individualization by utilizing specific, fine-tuned features.

Created to match exactly the dimensions of your head.
Unnoticeable hair lines that ensure an authentic look that makes you feel at your best.
An extensive selection of densities, colors hair styles, and hairline frontal and base materials.
Highlights that are blended or chunked.
8-10 weeks for delivery.

There are two kinds of male hair systems including top-of-the-head and full-length hair wigs. Let’s have a glance at each


Sometimes referred to as toupees, top of the head men’s wigs are a simple and less invasive option to boost your hair’s volume. The largest size of base of these systems are 8″ 10″ and they’re offered in all the well-known base materials including Fine Mono French Lace, Fine Mono Swiss Lace. Hairpieces that cover the top of the head can also be made using Skin Graft made of poly skin.

Full Wig

Full head wigs provide a complete choice, offering all-encompassing coverage from the top of your head all the way to just below the neck’s nape. They come with the same basic fabrics as toupees however, the majority of customers prefer fine Mono French Lace, Fine Mono as well as Skin Graft. It is not advised to use poly skin in this situation since it traps heat.

Step 2: Place an order for your men’s hair product

New buyers are often worried about finding the perfect measurement and style without having a go on their own. Don’t fret! We offer our customers the most secure, easy and enjoyable shopping experience that will leave you feeling assured about your purchase.

One of the benefits when buying directly from a manufacturer like us is the easy access you have to the experts in hair care. If you have any concerns or questions about our products or want to discuss changes that you’d like to make, they’ll be quickly and easily addressed by an expert on hair by email or phone or phone, based on the way you prefer. Instead of the endless back and forth that you’d experience when you purchase through a distributor and/or Hair Club for Men, we offer a quick and personal service that will save your the time as well as energy! Additionally, we offer an active, 24/7 support system to assist you before and after receiving it or once you’ve begun wearing your wig.

After you’ve chosen the men’s hair style you’d like to go for, the ordering process is easy. You can either order it online or call us and we’ll be able to help you get installed!

Step 3: Place an order for your wig care products

Don’t forget to pack your wig maintenance products! Maintaining a consistent maintenance and care routine is essential to a lasting hair replacement method, so be sure to get stockpiled with conditioner and shampoo that is suitable for the hair type you’re using. It is also important to decide on the adhesive you’ll be using and purchase a good remover and solvent and any other tools for styling.