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A guide to living & moving to Wokingham

The town is less than 40 miles from London, Wokingham is a historical market town that is perfect for families.

With its recently renovated train station, excellent choice of schools and lots of facilities right in front of you it’s not a surprise Wokingham was chosen as one of the top places to live throughout the UK.

However, there’s more to it. The town offers a range of gorgeous areas to put down roots such as the charming village of Finchampstead within the borough of Wokingham, the idyllic area of Barkham and Arborfield located 4.5 miles south east of Reading and to the west of Wokingham. Wokingham’s tense community vibe is another of its attractive attributes.

If you’re seeking to buy or rent in Wokingham You’re in the right location. This is our guide to moving into and living in Wokingham and we hope that you’ll find this useful.

Average home cost in Wokingham

House prices in Wokingham are a bit different, based on the kind of property you’re seeking. For instance, as a general rule of thumb when you’re trying to buy a detached, four-bedroom house, you can expect to pay about £650,000 while if you’re seeking an apartment with a single bedroom price range is typically 300,000.

Costs of house rentals in Wokingham

Again, rental prices in Wokingham vary considerably based on the kind of property that you’re interested in. For example the five bedroom detached property can cost £2,995 per square meter, whereas the cost of a flat is set back about £1965 per month.

The areas around

The Wokingham area’s surrounding regions offer plenty of wonderful places to explore among them Barkham, Winnersh, Finchampstead and Sindlesham.

Beautiful meadows, dense forests, impressive architecture and incredible business networks Wokingham is perfectly located to provide the ideal balance between city and rural living.

Transport links in Wokingham

Wokingham is a great place to live. It has a variety of rail and road connections, particularly for commuters wanting at connecting with central London.

The station is well-serviced. Wokingham station on the railway You can easily access various places in the greater London region in a matter of minutes, including Paddington, Reading and Ascot.

Schools in Wokingham

Wokingham is the home of a wide range of outstanding schools, including several of them being awarded the Ofsted’s “Outstanding” standing. This includes Emmbrook Infant School, St Paul’s Junior School CofE, The Holt School, Wescott Infant School, St Teresa’s Catholic Academy and Evendons Primary School.

Activities to enjoy in Wokingham

With its welcoming family atmosphere there’s something for everyone in Wokingham with plenty of shops, leisure facilities and parks.

The shopping experience in Wokingham is a pleasure, with many shops dotted around the town’s center and beautiful restaurants to eat and recharge, as well as a variety of well-known high street shops. The town is also currently going through a massive regeneration process, meaning locals and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy even more shopping and leisure amenities right on their doorstep.

In terms of leisure options, Wokingham certainly doesn’t disappoint with its wide array of facilities that keep big and little kids active and healthy. This includes Carnival Pool that also boasts state-of-the-art gym facilities.

And, if you love nothing more than going out and exploring the wonderful outdoors, you’ll never be disappointed. Wokingham is the home of California Country Park – 100 acres of ancient bogland that offers the ideal location for beautiful walks, sporting activities and picnics, watching wildlife and fishing.

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Is Wokingham a great city to live in?

It was revealed that a Halifax Quality of Life Survey showed that Wokingham is among the best cities to live within the UK and is perfect for family life. The town is also undergoing major renovations in order to make Wokingham a better place to live.