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Who Can Apply for a Spain Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa for Spain, officially referred to by the Spain Investor visa, is an immigration permit that is granted to non-EU citizens that make substantial investments in Spain for example, like buying real property, purchase shares in a business or create opportunities for employment.

Who can apply for an Spain Golden Visa?

You are eligible to apply for an Spain Golden Visa if you satisfy the following criteria:

You are able to prove that you taken advantage of an investment choice.
You are above your 18th birthday.
Health insurance is valid in Spain.
You’re financially able to support yourself and your family members.
You have a clean criminal record for any cities you’ve lived.
You’re not on Spain’s list of unwelcome people.
There are no Schengen Visas.

If you’re eligible There are legal counsel and Golden Visa experts who are willing to help you and guide throughout the procedure of getting the Golden visa to Spain.

How and when to apply to get The Golden Visa Spain?

It is recommended to begin the process of applying after having put in the required amount of funds in Spain. You must be committed to the purchase, but it’s not required to be made. The earliest time you can apply to apply for is three months prior to the date you plan to travel to Spain.

You are able to apply for the Spanish Golden visa from your home country by submitting your application to the Spanish consulate or embassy. It is also possible to file an application for a visa to Spain when you’re here with a long-stay visa.

Documents to be submitted when applying for an Spain Golden Visa

The documents you have to be able to include:

The Spanish long-stay Visa application form.
Two Spain passport photos.
Your valid passport. It has to be valid for the last 10 years.
Evidence of the where you live.
Documentation of investment. Documents that prove the nature and value of your investment, as and the place of origin of the money.
Visas to Residency to acquire of Real Estate:
Certificate containing the information about the tax and dominion from the Land Registry, which corresponds to the property bought.
Residence Visas are required for Capital Investors:
A copy of a declaration of investment filed with the Registry of Foreign Investments of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for investments in company shares or shares that are not listed.
Certificate of a financial intermediary that is certified by National Commission of the Stock Market or the Bank of Spain in case of investing in shares listed on the stock market.
A document issued by that financial institution, or Bank of Spain, if the investment was made with government bonds.
For an investment in a bank account an official certificate issued by the bank or financial institution.
Police Clearance. The document must be submitted in its original form, along with a photocopy and translated. It cannot be more than 90 days from the time of application.
You must prove that you have the resources to provide for yourself and your dependents during your stay traveling in Spain.
Medical Insurance purchased from an authorized Spanish supplier.
A medical certificatethat affirms that you don’t have any illness that could pose risks for public health.

How do I apply for the Spain Golden Visa?

In order to apply for an Golden Visa for Spain you have to go through the following steps:

Choose one of the investment choices. You might require a trip to Spain using the regular Spain Visa at this point to finish your investment.
Apply for an application for a Golden Visa. The application must be submitted at the closest Spanish Embassy within three months after investing. You may apply on your own or through a representative of a legal entity.
The application must be submitted together with the document file.
Find your Residence Permit. After you have received you Spain Golden Visa and you need to go to Spain to exchange the visa to obtain an Residence Permit and provide your biometric data.

What are the advantages of the Spanish Golden Visa?

The benefits that come with The Spanish Golden Visa are:

Your family members as well as you will be issued Residence Permits which allow you to reside in Spain.
Your family members and you can travel to any of the Schengen Zone destinations visa-free up to 90 days within the span of 180 days.
It is not necessary to be a resident of Spain in order to renew your Golden Visa.
If you live in Spain then you are eligible to become permanent residents after five years.
It is possible to make an application to apply for Spanish citizenship after ten years of residency.
Your family members and you can benefit from the Spanish health and education system.

Be aware that if you wish to travel internationally while living in Spain You should seek out the various travel insurance options.

Can I take family members with me?

You may include your family members on your application, too:

Your spouse
Your minor children who are not married (under 18) and any adult children that are dependent.
Senior parents who depend on them.

How long can I stay in Spain with A Golden Visa?

It is the Spain Golden visa is initially valid for a year. You can then apply to convert the visa to an investor’s residence permit and receive a two-year current residence license.

What is the duration of the Residence Permit granted?

The Residence Permit you get as a result of investing lasts for two years. It can be renewed at any time for so long as you’ve kept the investment (in other terms, so long as you own the property you purchased).

If you do choose to reside in Spain After 5 years in Spain with two-year Residence Permit You can apply for a permanent Residence Permit.

What is the duration of this Spanish Golden Visa Residence Permit It is granted?

The Residence Permit you receive through The Golden Visa is valid for two years. You are able to renew it at least every two years so long as you’ve kept the amount you invested (in other words, so long as you are still the owner of the property you bought).

If you choose to reside in Spain and you are able to do so after the period of five years living within Spain and acquiring a 2 year Residence Permit then you may apply for a permanent Residence Permit.

What is the Maximum Time I Can Expect to stay in Spain to renew my Residence Permit?

There is no requirement for a stay for renewing the Golden Visa Residence Permit. Only need to go to Spain in order to renew your application.

If you plan to pursue a permanent residency the requirement is that you live within Spain to a minimum of five consecutive years without interruption (at at least six months during the calendar year). If you plan to seek Spanish citizenship, you will need to reside in Spain for at least ten years.

Can I Get Rid of My Residence Permit?

If you are unable to prove that you’ve maintained an investment made Spain and you fail to prove it, then you’ll be denied the Golden Visa Residence Permit. For instance when you decide to sell your home or sell your stake.

Spain Residency through Residency Through Real Estate (Buying A Residence)

The most popular investment option to obtain Spanish residency is by purchasing properties worth at minimum EUR500,000. This could be one unit or multiple units that amount to half one million.

You need to prove that you own the property or property through a document from the Spanish Land Registry, which indicates the purchase price.

The process of obtaining permanent residency in Spain

If your residence permit is set expire, it is possible to apply for renewal. You will be granted another five years in Spain as well as repeatedly apply for the renewal of the residence permit in the event that you meet the requirements of your initial application.

The process of obtaining Spain Citizenship through the Investment

An Spanish Golden Visa leads to the right to citizenship in Spain higher than all other Visas. This is the reason why it is often referred to as Spain Citizenship by Investment. You can receive Spanish passports after 10 years of living in Spain through the Golden Visa, given that you meet the following requirements:

You’ve lived there in Spain in Spain for at minimum 183 consecutive days per year for 10 years.
You can speak Spanish at the very least at elementary levels.
You are familiar with the basics of Spanish culture and history.
There are no criminal convictions or outstanding debts in Spain.

Do nationals of former Spanish Colonies Get Citizenship Quicker?

If you’re from an earlier Spanish colony (one of the following countries) you could be granted Spanish citizenship as fast as two years of residency in comparison to ten years

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador

If you’re from one of the mentioned countries and receive the Golden Visa, then you are eligible to become an Spanish citizen in two years, if you’ve visited Spain at minimum eight times during the timeframe.

Can I use a mortgage to get the Spanish Golden Visa?

There is no way to be eligible for the Golden Visa if you use the mortgage option to purchase the purchase of a home in Spain or at the very least, not for the minimum requirements. You must pay at least EUR500,000 with your own money however, for any amount that is greater than the amount, you might be eligible to apply for the mortgage or finance.

Can I travel to Europe with the help of a Spanish Golden Visa?

Yes it is true that a Spain Golden Visa allows you and your family members to travel in the Schengen Zone visa-free for up to 90 days in the 180-day timeframe. However, countries outside of Schengen Europe have specific visa requirements for their citizens and therefore traveling for free isn’t necessarily guaranteed.

Do I require Health Insurance Protection for Spain?

Yes, it’s an essential requirement in the Golden Visa application process to get health insurance. Your family members and you should have health insurance valid even if you don’t want to move to Spain in any way.

What type of health insurance Should I Get In Spain?

Residents of Spain have the right to coverage under the health system of public insurance. To avail of the health system in Spain expats must work and be tax-paying in Spain because the system is funded by taxpayer funds.

If you hold an Golden Visa, and you are not planning to reside in Spain it is necessary to get private health insurance from an insurance company that is authorized to be operating in Spain. If you intend to reside in Spain with taxes to pay, you and your family members are able to benefit from the health system.

Spain Gold Visa and Taxes

If you’re not a permanent resident in Spain in the first instance, you are not required to pay tax on income. The term “resident” is used only if you reside there longer than 50 percent of of the year (more than the 183-day limit).

But, regardless of your residence status, if have purchased a house in Spain it is still required to pay taxes applicable including tax on rental and municipal income.

If you’re not a full-time residentof Spain, you are required to pay 24.75 percent of rental income, or any other income earned in Spain.