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What is a Spanish non-lucrative visa, and who is it ideal for?

A great climate, culture , and stunning views With stunning views, culture and a great climate Spain is certainly an appealing option for residence and even retirement. A large portion of those in the UK who own Spanish homes have plans for a possible retirement in the mild temperatures of Spain. But, following the Brexit departure on January 1, 2021, the Legal Regime for foreigners has been extended to British residents, and restricts the length of time they can stay in Spain. To live in Spain or retire and move to Spain, British citizens may apply for a variety of visas, one of which is the non-lucrative residence visa.

In this guide we’ll explain what a non-lucrative passport is and the process by which an British citizen can obtain the visa without lucrative requirements and how it is different from that of the Golden Visa. The guide also explains the advantages of getting one and the reasons it might be your solution to retiring in Spain.

What is a non-lucrative travel visa and who is it appropriate for?

Spain’s non-lucrative visa allows non-EU citizens to live in Spain when they can show that they have enough money to provide for themselves and their family. A non-lucrative visa can be requested by citizens of third countries who wish to reside in Spain for longer than 90 days, but do not intend to work in Spain. This visa is ideal for foreign nationals who plan to retire in Spain or just want to live in Spain for prolonged periods of time, for instance, during the warm summer months.

What is the difference between a non-lucrative Visa and the Golden Visa?

The non-lucrative type of visa differs in comparison to the Golden Visa in that a Golden Visa requires one of a range of types of investment in Spain one of the most well-known of which is to purchase the house that is worth over EUR500,000. Other investment options focus on commercial investments.

While a Spanish non lucrative visa is a viable alternative for British retired residents or those who are not working because the UK is no longer part of the EU and is not required to make an investment in any way.

How long is a non-lucrative tourist visa for Spain in effect, and how can it be renewed?

Once you have secured your non-lucrative visa, it will be valid for a period of one year. At the end of that time, you are able to renew it for a further period of 2 years, then your visa is renewed for another two years. Following five years of legal residence, you are eligible to apply for permanent residence. The renewal of a non-lucrative Visa must be made in Spain.

Learn more information about renewing your non-lucrative visa below.

Non-lucrative visas need the holder to stay for 183 days in Spain each year to be renewed the expiration of each.

After five years of legal residency in Spain There is an possibility to apply for a long-term residency permit. Once you have secured permanent residency after ten years of residency , you may then apply to become a Spanish citizen. When you apply for Spanish citizenship will mean that you must give up your UK citizenship.

What are the advantages of getting an Spanish Non-lucrative Visa?

Achieving an Spanish non-lucrative Visa as a British citizen provides the following advantages:

You do not have for investment in Spanish property

Contrary to that of the Golden Visa, there is no requirement to invest in the Spanish economy required for this visa.

Request a family or joint visa

You can include your spouse or other members of your family, as family members of your immediate relatives can be included on your visa. Your dependants can attend schools or pursue studies while living under a non-lucrative Visa.

Progress to a working visa Should you choose to do so

A non-lucrative visa has the option of changing into a work visa upon its successful renewal within the initial year.

Work remotely for a firm that is located outside of Spain

Non-lucrative Visas allow the employee to work remotely for an organization outside of Spain.

Potential to invest

There is the possibility to buy a home to use for rental purposes.

Mobility is completely free

Non-lucrative visa holders have the ability to move freely throughout their Schengen Area, which is an area that includes 26 European countries that have formally abolished the entire border control system, including passports, at their border.

Reside in Spain without the need to work in Spanish territory

Do you have dreams of retiring in Spain? A non-lucrative passport is perfect if you are looking to retire and settle in Spain since there’s no need for you to work in Spain.

What documents do you need in order to obtain a non-lucrative visa as a British citizen?

British citizens who wish to apply for a non-lucrative visa for residence must meet the following conditions and present the following documents:

Passport that has at least one year of validity prior to expiry date.
Certificate proving no criminal conviction in both either the UK and Spain valid for three months.
You must have proof of funds. You require accreditation of sufficient financial resources to cover the costs of your stay for a year. In 2021, to qualify for monthly assistance, you need to be able to prove your account balance is EUR27,115.20 in your account, or receive a minimum monthly income of EUR2,259.60. For each dependent, you have to pay an additional amount of EUR6,778,80 per year or EUR564.90 per month.
Aren’t currently in an illegal (irregular) scenario in Spain.
Health insurance that is sufficient.
Medical certificate to prove that you don’t suffer from any of the diseases that could cause serious health implications for public health in accordance to the International Health Regulations of 2005.

The application process for a non-lucrative visa within the UK

Where can I apply

It is necessary to apply for the non-lucrative visa prior to you depart to Spain The application must be presented at the nearest Consulate General Office of Spain in the UK.

An application for a non-lucrative visa has to be submitted by the person who wants to obtain the visa.

A parent, guardian, or an official who is accredited (in extreme situations) may apply on behalf of minors.

What can you expect?

You have to be able to show the required documents, and a mandatory interview will be conducted at the consulate , which will be used to make a decision on the visa.

The consulate has then one month to accept or deny your application. When your application has been approved and you are granted approval, you will then have one month from the date of the notification of your approval to personally collect your visa at the consulate. Also, you will be issued an NIE (Numero de identidad de extranjero) in addition to your visa.

Arriving in Spain

You must reach Spain within three months after the announcement of the award of your visa.

There is a month after the date of entry to go to the Foreigners office to apply for your TIE that is a foreigner’s identity card or a resident card. Additionally, within a month of your arrival, you will be required to complete a registration at the town hall which is related to the town in which you are residing in Spain.

Can you get your Non-lucrative visa renewed?

In order to renew your non-lucrative passport To renew your non-lucrative visa, you must be able to provide the following documentation:

Application Form EX01 (two copies).
The passport you have (valid for at minimum one year).
Copies of all pages of your passport.
Your current Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjeros or TIE.
Fee Form 790-052 (paid with stamp).
Registration of your address in Spain ( padron ).
Health insurance that complies with the regulations of the Immigration Office.
Evidence of a sufficient and steady income to last in the next 2 years (monthly more than four times the amount of the current calendar year’s IPREM for the principal applicant plus, one IPREM for each family member).

For documents that are not drafted in Spanish you will need to utilize a recognised official translation service that is deemed to be compliant by Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How does the non-lucrative visa compare to the Golden Visa?

An Golden Visa is another option for permanent residence within Spain to British citizens. It’s the perfect option for entrepreneurs and investors who wish to make substantial investments in Spain and include setting up a business as well as investing into existing companies in Spain. It’s also great for British citizens wishing to increase their portfolio of properties in Spain or even purchase a substantial property in Spain.

What are the conditions to be met to receive a Golden Visa?

To obtain the Golden Visa, you need an investment of equal or more than EUR500,000 euros per applicant. It must not be affluent with any encumbrances such as a mortgage. In addition, you should be able to provide proof that the cost of running a property at this price and the general living expenses can be satisfied.

Alternative ways to invest to obtain Golden Visas include: Golden Visa include:

One million euros of company shares or shares of Spanish capital firms engaged in actual business activities
One million euros of the investment fund, close-end investment funds, or venture capital funds constituted in Spain as well as one million euro of bank deposits at Spanish banking institutions.

Would this be the right option for you?

It is possible to get the Golden Visa may be an ideal solution for you when you own a home in Spain, valued at the EUR500,000 threshold of investment which is free of mortgages or any other financial liens.

This Golden Visa also brings the benefits of providing the possibility that you can work Spain since it provides the option of work authorisation.

Ask for help from our Spanish immigration lawyers

The Spanish immigration lawyers can help and guide you through the whole process of submitting both visas. We will advise you on the merits of your application right from the onset and ensure that the documentation you submit is correct and free of any complications for the avoidance of rejection. We will be able to answer any questions you might have regarding the process of making an application.

Frequently asked questions

How many days can you remain in Spain as non-resident?

The tourist visa will allow you to remain in the country for just three months. Ninety-days is the maximum length of time you can legally reside in Spain without obtaining the residency certificate.

What is the minimum amount of income you need for retirement in Spain?

It is a good idea to consider that the cost for living in Spain is fairly low, and it is possible to retire comfortably in Spain with a budget of around $25,000 per year. However, this is relative to your lifestyle and also depends on region you chose to live in Spain.

What visa do you need before retiring in Spain?

Based on their financial status, British citizens wishing to retire to Spain are typically eligible for an Golden Visa or a non-lucrative visa that allows them to stay for a longer period in Spain.

Is retiring in Spain a good idea?

Spain offers many benefits for people wishing to retire with a low cost of living as well as affordable healthcare, and a the rich culture and history – and has always been a top choice to retire in.