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Steps to Take When Sorting a Denied Insurance Claim

The process of claiming your insurance could be an overwhelming process, and without the proper support it may feel as if there’s only you to stand up for your rights. If your claim was denied, don’t be discouraged; there are steps that can be done to reverse the decision or get back to your feet using other methods. Let’s look at the actions you can take to deal with a claim that has been rejected.

Make sure it’s the right choice

If you believe your claim was in error, you are able to appeal the decision. The first step is to determine the reason your claim was denied by your insurance company. If you aren’t convinced that the reasoning of your insurers was correct You have the right to lodge a grievance.

Examine the policy documents that were issued when you took out the insurance. Note down the words, noting any words or phrases that are unclear or susceptible to interpretation. Also, you should review the details you were requested to provide in the process of taking your policy. If your complaint was dismissed based on any information that you weren’t asked for at the time you filled it out You’re on good grounds to appeal the decision.

Examine any documents that you believe could be helpful and be prepared with all the details of dates, figures and dates that you’ll need to support your argument. It is possible that there was some cross wires or some miscommunication that can be clarified after a reviewing. If the claim is one of technical nature, you could think about hiring a loss assessor to perform an independent assessment of the damages. If you’re still not getting an acceptable result then you may submit an appeal to Financial Ombudsman Service.

The Financial Ombudsman Service is a independent, free service that examines financial disputes. They consider the two sides of the case examine the documents from an impartial perspective and then issue their own verdict in light of their findings. In the event that they decide that Financial Ombudsman Service uphold your claim, your insurance provider must then follow the ruling.

Make sure you know your timings

If you decide to refer your case in the direction of the Financial Ombudsman Service, you have to do it within six months from receiving your insurer’s response. If you wait further, they will not have the authority to examine your complaint unless they determine that it is an exceptional case, the response you received is not valid or the insurer consents that they are involved in the matter despite the limitation.

If you’re not sure of the exact date, you can look up the last letter from your insurance company. The date that appears on the letter will mark the beginning of the deadline for 6 months.

Speak to an attorney

If you want to complain at the Financial Ombudsman Service, there’s no need to use an outside service or solicitor. A lot of companies claim to be having the ability to contest any rejected claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. However, it is the Financial Ombudsman Service wants to take the complaint into your own words. In many instances it is the case that involving a third party could be a naive obstruction to contact, causing delays in the investigation . Sometimes, it can lead to them providing inaccurate or general information that stops the service from obtaining the truth.

It is possible to get assistance and advice for free at Citizens Advice Bureau. Citizens Advice Bureau and there’s no harm in seeking advice from a person who is experienced in the issue.

Find help in other areas

Some people find that a denied insurance claim may be an inconvenience but not life-threatening. However, for others, it could be the end of your business, and also cause a significant burden on your personal financial situation. If you’re having financial difficulties following an insurance claim that was denied, make sure you contact Citizens Advice Bureau. Citizens Advice Bureau to discuss methods to manage loan payments and pay bills, be up-to-date on rent and mortgage payment and much more.

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