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Why Are VW Campervans Popular?

The choice of a VW campervan is a great option that offers many advantages, particularly during an age when travel isn’t feasible or secure. Campervans can provide you with the convenience of a mobile home for your holiday and is ready to go whenever you have the opportunity! It will provide you with the amenities you need (unlike the camping experience!) and has less of a commitment than other vehicles for leisure.

VW campervans can be purchased used or new; converted or ready for conversion you can choose! Before making the final decision then why not take one look at these top 10 advantages for buying a VW campervan, and check whether you’ve thought about all the essential aspects?


Let’s face it, They’re awesome! Who wouldn’t love to join the VW camper club? We can’t not look at an attractive VW camper sways by! Their images promise excitement, spontaneity and that’s exactly what you’ll experience should you opt for one!


VW is well-known for its top quality. The vans for transport are reliable and come with galvanised bodiesthat make them suitable for conversion. Conversions performed by a reliable company can ensure that the superior quality will be maintained until the end. There are numerous choices available, so make sure to state what you’re looking for when buying a the pre-conversation or search for the features you’re after in the event that you choose to purchase one that has been already changed.


The convenience of a VW campervan allows you the freedom to travel wherever you want, whenever you want! There is no need to stress about booking accommodation and researching or booking flights, just hop off! Campervans are also compact they can be parked with the option of parking anywhere that suits your fancy (in accordance with parking regulations, naturally!) and then just take in the sights all around you. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll require access to toilets and wash facilities. However, you can purchase a porta-potti or even a wash tent’ during the summer months , to provide a toilet and shower.


The best thing about campervans over caravanning or camping is that they’re the most convenient alternative! They come with amenities on board like the kitchenette and storage , which means you’ll need less packing and be able to go faster without a lot of planning. This means you can take more breaks and with less stress! Additionally, there’s the advantage of being out, it’s simple to move about – there’s no need to tow when you’re in a van, and there’s no “pitching” or getting level and you can relocate as you wish!


They’re small – significantly smaller than motorhomes, so they’re much easier to park and drive traveling and will provide you with security when you’re out and about and aren’t sure the exact location you’re heading to! They’re also simple to store since they can be able to fit into the double garage or an unpaved driveway and you shouldn’t be able to find a enough space.


Because of their small size, VW campervans can double as a normal vehicle if you want which means you’ll benefit more from it. They are easily placed in parking spaces in car parks that are public and there’s no need to fret about whether or not it will fit!


They’re adaptable – some models have five seats to travel (great to take families on) and can comfortably accommodate five people as well as four people. They come with a fully-equipped kitchenette that allows you to bring all of your meals aboard if you want to. A fridge will ensure you have chilled drinks available all the time and the option to prepare a cup of tea whenever you’d like!


There are a variety of models and choices to pick from when it comes to VW campervans. If you are buying pre-converted models, the VW Transporter van options include Startline, Trendline and Highline and the names tell the whole thing. The Startline comes with the 5.0-inch touchscreen infotainment systemwith electrical front doors, heated door mirrors , and a one front passenger seating. The Trendline models come with various options like parking sensors, Bluetooth phone connectivity cruise control, and body-coloured bumpers. Highline comes with an updated alarm with a leather steering wheel, gear knob, an upgraded air conditioning system, and front fog lights.


After being converted into campervans, the vehicles have models that are their own. Some of the most well-known include Portofino, Santorini, St Tropez, Monte Carlo and Le Mans. They all offer something distinct and you should look them up to determine which one will meet your requirements best and help you have everything you want from your list.

GOOD Investment

VW campervans have worth extremely well and will be well-invested! There’s always demand for them. So should you opt for an excellent conversion, you’ll not have any trouble selling it at the time of upgrade.

Things to consider when buying A CAMPERVAN

It’s a motor vehicle therefore it must be inspected and maintained exactly the same way as you would your vehicle. Our workshop is a top service for servicing as well as repairs and warranty work make sure to contact us to discuss any issues you may have.

Since they’re compact vehicles the interior space is not huge particularly when beds are set up so be sure to pack carefully particularly if you’re traveling with children! Think about what larger itemslike barbecues or bikes you can bring. Make sure to keep rear and roof racks in mind for exterior transport.

Decide where you’ll keep your VW campervan when you are at your home. You’ll need to make sure the vehicle is stored in a safe place and secured when it is not being used.

Research thoroughly; check through the various models to find out which are the best fit for your needs. They will vary a lot from prices to facilities therefore, make sure that you choose the right one for you.

Create a list of your top five essentials and don’t be a compromiser as you might have to alter some items to keep your spending within the budget however, stay true to the most essential things to make sure you’re satisfied after purchase.

Make a plan and budget how you’ll pay for your campervan. There are a lot of options there.

Do some research and think about the security features and insurance options It’s boring, but essential!