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Should You Try Bitcoin 360 AI?

If you’re just beginning to learn about trading in cryptocurrency or an experienced veteran looking to become more profitable using an automated trading platform, an automated platform might be able to assist.

Bitcoin 360 AI claims that it is able to recognize the technical configurations of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are popular and trade them for the benefit of the user. According to the site of the platform, Bitcoin 360 AI is absolutely accessible for use at no cost and is capable of trading all day.

So can you tell if Bitcoin 360 AI a scam or legitimate? We’ll go over all the information traders require about this service within the course of our Bitcoin 360 AI review.

What exactly is Bitcoin 360 AI?

As per the Bitcoin 360 AI website, the Bitcoin 360 AI platform is an automated cryptocurrency trading system.

It claims to spot potentially lucrative technical setups within the price charts of a variety of crypto tokens that are popular. After identifying the setups, Bitcoin 360 claims that it will execute trades from beginning to end on behalf of a trader’s.

That means that traders do not have to perform a lot in order to make trades with Bitcoin 360 AI. Based on Bitcoin 360 AI, traders don’t have to spend hours researching trades, or even watching the system. Bitcoin 360 AI can operate by itself without control or intervention.

The Bitcoin 360 AI website does not offer any details about the software’s past effectiveness or accuracy for identifying its trading transactions. This isn’t unusual among the automated crypto trading platforms because many choose to hide the specifics of their trading algorithms secret.

The website claims that it has an account demo, which traders can use to try the capabilities of Bitcoin 360 AI without risking the money they have invested. It is recommended that traders use the demo account to understand how to utilize the platform in a way that is safe before risking real money.

The Bitcoin 360 AI website claims that the platform is accessible for free. Users have to make a minimum investment of $250. This money can be used to begin trading cryptocurrency on behalf of a user. According to the website, Bitcoin 360 AI does not charge withdrawal or deposit fees , or even commissions for successful trades.

Bitcoin 360 AI Pros & Cons

These are the major advantages and drawbacks that come with the Bitcoin 360 AI app, in accordance with the assertions made on its website.


The claims claim to automate trades in crypto for a variety of popular tokens
Algorithm can be traded 24/7 as per the site
There are no deposit, withdrawal or trading fee as per the website
The claim states that they will provide a demo account
Claims to provide 24/7 customer service


Do not provide any details about the success rate in the past.
Requires a $250 minimum deposit

What is the process behind Bitcoin 360 AI Work?

As per Bitcoin 360 AI’s Bitcoin 360 AI website, Bitcoin 360 AI uses AI (AI) to spot profitable trading configurations on the cryptocurrency market. Although the specifics of the AI algorithm aren’t revealed however, it is probable that the algorithm was developed based on several years of data on the price of crypto. Based on this information it can be taught the patterns that are commonly associated with significant either upwards or downwards price fluctuations.

Bitcoin 360 AI claims that it utilizes the money in accounts of traders to execute live trades after it has identified the pattern of a signal. The platform open positions in accordance with its direction when it detects the pattern. It closes it automatically at a specific point, probably in accordance with a profit target or stop loss or some other price pattern that the signal.

According to the website of the platform the money of traders is return to their account, along with any earnings. Bitcoin 360 AI can then make use of the funds to make additional trades. Investors are able to withdraw money in their Bitcoin 360 AI accounts at any point with no fees for withdrawals.

Bitcoin 360 AI’s Bitcoin 360 AI website does not offer information about the probability of success, or the winning rate for trades its algorithm has successfully executed.

Bitcoin 360 AI Key Features

We’ve reviewed our Bitcoin 360 AI review identified certain key aspects of the platform, as per the assertions made by the Bitcoin 360 AI’s creators.

Dozens Crypto Markets

Based on the Bitcoin 360 AI website, this trading platform that is automated can trade a variety of the most popular crypto-tokens. These are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Dash, and numerous other. It’s not known whether Bitcoin 360 AI trades the tokens directly, or trades them using crypto CFDs, which are provided by a variety of brokers.

Trading in multiple currencies is advantageous since they give you more options to trade. Additionally the fact that different coins do not move with the same pace simultaneously giving you opportunities to hedge against market volatility generally.

Demo Trading Account

Bitcoin 360 AI claims to provide a demo trading account that users can access at any point. The account allows traders to track the trades of the platform and make or lose money without risking actual money. It’s a good option for traders to assess Bitcoin 360 AI and learn how to utilize the platform in a safe way.

Traders need to create an account on Bitcoin 360 AI account in order to use an online trading demo.


Bitcoin 360 AI app claims that it is able to be used by anyone who wants to trade as well as those who haven’t had the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency. The app is designed to be simple to master and doesn’t need any manual intervention when it comes to trades that are automated.

As per Bitcoin 360 AI, new traders can also be able to watch the platform’s work in order to gain an understanding of how to trade in cryptocurrency.

Quick Withdrawals

Based on the Bitcoin 360 AI website, withdrawals made to a cryptocurrency wallet are processed in a matter of minutes. Fiat withdrawals from the bank account and credit cards are processed within 12-24 hours. There aren’t any fees to withdraw with any method of payment.

Strong Security

The Bitcoin 360 AI website states that the financial information of traders including personal details, financial information, as well as trade information is stored in a secure, secure environment. This is crucial as traders must trust that they are able to make deposits and withdrawals on the platform safely.

Bitcoin 360 AI Fees

Bitcoin 360 AI claims to be 100% accessible for use at no cost. According to the website of the platform there aren’t any charges for withdrawal or deposit and no commissions for trades, and there are no account charges. Any profits that the trading system earns is paid back to the traders in the full amount.

Does Bitcoin 360 AI Legit or Scam?

Bitcoin 360 AI makes a many impressive claims. But do you think Bitcoin 360 AI legit, or is it a fraud?

According to the site of the platform, Bitcoin 360 AI is an automated trading platform that uses AI to make money from price fluctuations on the cryptocurrency market. It is something other robot-powered trading systems claim they achieve too, and is the aim of many traders.

Bitcoin 360 AI doesn’t provide many details on the algorithm’s workings or about its previous success rate. But, this is typical for automated trading platforms as the algorithms are considered trade secrets. Bitcoin 360 claims to offer an account demo that traders are able to use to evaluate the Bitcoin 360 AI’s capabilities for themselves.

It is important to note that the Bitcoin 360 AI website does not have testimonials or reviews by current users. Bitcoin 360 AI reviews on websites such as Trustpilot generally are positive However, there isn’t any details about the reviewers.

Bitcoin 360 AI is completely free of charge according to the site. However, the traders have to make a minimum deposit of $250. The platform says that users can withdraw the cash at any time and without any charges.

Bitcoin 360 AI Minimum Deposit

Bitcoin 360 AI requires a minimum $500 deposit from traders. According to the website of the platform the deposit is needed for opening an account for trading and begin trading on behalf of a user.

Bitcoin 360 states that traders are able to withdraw their minimum deposits anytime, with no charges for withdrawals.

Bitcoin 360 AI Customer Service

Bitcoin 360 AI claims to offer customer support 24/7 via phone or email. However, users need to have an active account on the site to reach their support staff.