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Alpaca Walking is the Latest Travel Trend and You Must Try It!

Alpaca walking may seem like the last thing that comes to mind when you think of your thoughts of the Great British countryside but it is being offered in the UK town close to you! It is a huge hit for both children and adults This activity has animals and animal lovers joined by an adorable alpaca companion to go for a walk. It sounds like a great day, but do you think it’s worthy of the hype? Check out the article to learn more about my alpaca trekking experience, and discover how to organize your own!

Alpaca Walking Experience – The World’s Best Gift?

When Christmas loomed on my horizon I was pondering what I was planning to get my sister. Many ideas flooded my head, each being less appealing than the previous until I came up with a lightbulb idea.

When I purchase presents, I try to think about what my recipient would love. This is the right thing to think about. What you’re not supposed to do is to allow that thought to be pushed away by a more selfish one. “But what am I going to do having already mentally inviting myself to the event I had decided to present a gift to another person, I quickly reserved my tickets and then ordered the gift card for her.

You’ll probably be aware when you’ve read my blog I am a huge fan of the experience of being with animals (except for interactions with monkeys, which is why I’m a fan of keeping my hair in my hair) and was incredibly eager about going alpaca trekking. I’d never seen the alpaca prior to this trip (this was prior to the time of my South America travels) and the thought of being able to go close enough to one made my face ache after smiling. (I rarely smile often, as my face is always ravaged with anxiety.)

How can you tell the difference of an alpaca and an the llama?

There is a distinct difference between an alpaca and a llama. Contrary to popular belief the former is smaller, weighing approximately half the size of an adult llama. This makes for a great trek with them. an ideal day trip for all the family members, since children are typically sturdy enough to lead them without assistance.

In contrast to other camelids, the alpaca’s wool is what sets them apart. It is among the softest fibers on the planet It is commonly used in the production of a wide variety of items, such as blankets, gloves, and jumpers. The most popular sources of alpaca products for sale are Andean countries like Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Alpaca Walking

After a dark, misty drive to one of Norfolk’s most picturesque beaches, we reached Wells-next-the-Sea which was a highly unlikely place to keep fifteen alpacas. The truth is that alpacas aren’t natives of Norfolk in any way (who would have thought?) They usually reside in South America. I was a bit puzzled as to why people wanted to have so many alpacas and apprehensions were quickly solved when the guide presented us our new furry pals.

All the alpacas come with vibrant South American names, with the ones we have being named Yaku, Alfonso, Diego and Fernando. The alpacas of Wells are mostly rescues that have been taken away from being in isolation. Instead of being left to mourn at the center, Wells lets them be fed by a crowd of enthusiastic visitors, and then walk away. What a wonderful life! If there is any reincarnation I’d love to end here I’d like to be here, please.

What do you need to be aware of concerning Alpaca Trekking?

Is walking with alpacas ethical?

Alpacas are not able to be ridden due to their nervous nature and weak backs. It’s not clear if walking alpacas is morally acceptable, though.

I scoured the internet for any information related to the subject before my trip, but unfortunately, I could not find anything. It will depend on your individual opinion along with common sense. My opinion is that there is nothing illegal about walking an alpaca, as long as the animal is properly taken care of, has breaks, and not subjected to abuse. It is your discretion when determining if this is the situation.

If you go to a place in which you feel they’re not treating animals in a fair way, you should contact both the RSPCA as well as the local council of the region.

Do alpacas trek in groups?

Similar to similar to Kardashians Alpacas can be found doing everything in their family. If one alpaca goes out on a trip with the family, everyone goes along with them. In the Wells station, 15 alpacas are separated into four groups in order to ensure they are able to keep them content, but they can be taken on trips in small groups.

This is the primary reason for the reason why alpacas have been saved. It’s not uncommon for people to purchase an alpaca, then abandon the animal in a field on their own, because they aren’t sure how to take care of it in a proper manner. Alpacas are social animals. If they are forced to live in a world of isolation, they’ll experience a lot of anxiety and stress.

What is the alpaca’s role in your life?

The thing that awed me the most about alpacas was how incredibly sensitive they are. They are prey animals and are always looking for dangers to their safety. When they go on a hike they would prefer to follow you. In the event there is an attack, you’ll be the first to be ejected. It’s always wise to have a backup plan in the event of an attack!

Alpacas have eyes that are on their sides and become extremely anxious when they experience an unexpected event (a similar to me). This is why they do not like being brushed on their heads.

Naturally, they are most at ease when they sense danger Be aware should something startle your alpaca They will get scared.

One thing that really annoys alpacas is the presence dogs. There was a confrontation with a dog while on our way that caused Alfonso getting so scared he sprayed the back of the gathering with a torrent of spew so large that it rivalled that of the Jet d’Eau!

You can choose which alpaca to walk with?

The majority of alpaca farms tend to rotate their animals to ensure that all members of the group walk often, but not too often. This could mean that there’s a walking rotation however it is never a bad idea to inquire with the farm owner whether you would prefer a particular.

As with humans alpacas also have their own personalities so if you are given the choice of picking your alpaca, keep this in your mind! The alpaca I had, Fernando certainly was the most beautiful of our group. He was also the one who led the group (albeit not always).

My sister’s calico was more dapper than the other ones always dropping to the ground to slither around in the dust. Her boyfriend was the most calm of all, and preferred to be in the middle of the pack, while Tim was thrown into the rough and tumble rebel (they claim that like draws like) who was always trying to pull him towards moving traffic.

Are you able to offer any suggestions to walk alpacas?

With their erratic nature and their aloof nature, alpacas are incredibly independent beings. If you are walking with them, you must be clear that you’re the boss or they will stomp through your path (metaphorically and not in literal sense). Alpacas consume food almost non the less, and so you’ll soon realize that any stop to breathe will see you heading towards the bush for a little refreshments.

If your alpaca is afraid while on the trek it will exhibit the same reaction as human beings in the face anxiety (definitely me, at least) and will just sit there waiting for the terrifying incident to pass. If your alpaca isn’t willing to move, it could find yourself in the same spot at some point. Try to be patient and be aware that it can be extremely exhausting to be constantly connected. Believe me, I know.

Is making eye contact dangerous?

It’s not so dangerous in that your alpaca may take you to the ground and devour your food, but eye contact can be an act of aggression and can be perceived as a threat. Contact with eyes can cause them to be less responsive to your commands, and you may even receive an earful of the gooey kind… Alpacas are extremely docile animals, so do them and yourself the favor of allowing them to be relaxed in the company of.

Do you think you will be able provide food to the animals?

The majority of alpaca trekking excursions allow you to spend an enjoyable time feeding the animals. Alpacas are incredibly hungry and very excited when you come in to feed them. The most popular snacks are chopped apples and bread slices.

Be aware that when you have the food you hold in your hand,, you will be the center of attention. The alpacas will attempt to distract you, so they could slide the heads of your bags into. I was unaware of this until recently. alpacas are the only animals with bottom teeth, so if they are a little lost, you’re likely to fall and lose your hand. A good thing all around.

What do you need to wear for alpaca walking?

While these types of hikes are not difficult they are definitely worthwhile to dress in outdoor clothes. Specific hiking boots are suggested since the terrain is slippery if it is it is wet (it happens in this is the UK in the first place) and for that reason, it’s ideal to wear rain jackets. In the summer suncream and a hat is recommended.

What time can you go alpaca trek?

Generally speaking, alpaca walking can be enjoyed all year round regardless of the weather! If your adventure is cancelled it is likely to be due to flooding or that is of a different nature.

Alpaca Walking The Verdict!

After having a chat with the alpacas I felt as if I had an intense connection with them. We shared a lot in many ways: our perpetual need to fill our faces with food, our sly nature and our need to protect those who are more courageous than us. In the end, I was awed by how soft the alpacas were as well as how happy they looked.

It’s not as a major attraction on a large scale, however I can say with certainty that I enjoyed more together with Fernando and his gang than I’ve had in 90% of the tourist attractions in the United States. Alpaca walking is generally moderately priced, family-friendly, and a fantastic way to get out and explore this part of the Great British countryside. So long as alpacas remain happy it is a popular activity that will only gain popularity.