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Should You Visit The Cinema?

In this article , we’re going to explore the benefits and disadvantages of Watching Movies At Cinema Hall. A cinema hall or movie theatre is first on every list when it comes to a casual outing or the desire to chill out. But at the time when cinema was introduced in India the culture of watching movie in theatre was unknown in India. The people would gather at some place, and they would use the projector and enjoyed the film. It is a fact that, although the film was not silent Raja Harishchandra was the first motion film made in India, Alam Ara being the first talkie. After a few years of progress the trend of film going has grown to an enormous extent.

Not everybody is fond of going to a cinema for a night of entertainment movies, but some prefer it at their home or on their phones. Everyone has their own method to relax. This article outlines the pros and cons of watching films at the cinema which will make it easier to decide how to relax.

The benefits of watching films at Cinema hall are discussed below :

1. You’ll get the best image

In a cinema where you will get the best experience and stunning picture quality. Cinemas could be the only way to enjoy the movie properly. While technological advancements have enabled us to enjoy this view from our homes but a responsible individual and someone who is looking for the best experience will always prefer a cinema hall over any other home-based method. For movies that are 3D, cinema halls are believed to be the best option to experience. Imagine losing the thrilling feeling of watching Avatar only because you would prefer it to be watching it at your home.

2. Splendid Sound Quality

Watching movies at cinema hall offers you the most mesmerizing sound quality that could give you the best overall experience. Sound is perhaps the most vital thing in a movie which can make it the best. Nowadays, we love the excellent sound quality. They are buying the latest and most expensive equipment in order to enhance their enjoyment of watching movies. This is why it’s obvious that for the best overall experience, they would prefer to go to cinema halls than stay at home watching it there. Inside Cinema Halls, people can actually connect to the characters and can feel like they are element of what is happening on screen due to their surround-sound system in cinema halls. Imagine watching a movie that has top sound effects at home, and all the noise created by your neighbors. Hence, cinema halls prove better entertainers.

3. Enjoy the outdoors without disturbing

If you’re watching a movie at a private cinema hire, you actually can enjoy the film without disturbances. Since everyone attends to watch a film and there’s no chance of being disturbed or stopping the film between each one unlike in our homes. In a cinema you are able to sit on the very comfortable chair and it’s a great option to relax away from the stress of the world outside and other distracting factors. You can watch the movie and not be tense over anything else that enhances the enjoyment of the movie to a significant extent. This also helps prevent other issues like when the film is delayed due to power failure or because of the malfunction of your computer, television or television. This is the ideal solution for watching the movie with any disturbance.

4. A better option for socializing

People are exhausted and frustrated because of work and the constant rat race in order to live hand and hand with the growing world. To stop them from depressing it becomes essential for individuals to network and connect with new people. Cinema halls can be a very effective option for this kind of people, as well as people who like for meeting new friends. Socializing on the other hand isn’t just for new people but also families and friends. In addition, movie nights are never out of fashion. This is why it refreshes your mind and is an excellent opportunity to relax on weekends.

5. You Get First Hand Experience of the Movie

Premieres on the First Day of any film are only available in a cinema hall only. In a cinema hall where you can watch numerous newly released and innovative films on the day the release. However should you prefer to enjoy a film at your home, you’ll have to sit for a few months or enjoy it in a theater print when you download it from torrent websites.

Also, if you wait too long to view it on your TV, then you won’t be able to appreciate it, and all the excitement you’ve had will be awaited. In case you are a movie freak, if you want to watch it in the first days of the release, it’s only accessible in a cinema, and your suspense would not be ending with the reviews people post on social media about the film. Thus, cinemas work.

5 Disadvantages Of Watching Movies In a Cinema Hall

Like the two sides of the coin There are pros and pros and. Watching movies at cinema hall also has its very own cons which could diminish the enjoyment and excitement of watching films. The drawbacks of watching films in a Cinema hall have been discussed below.

1. It can affect your eyesight

Watching movie at the theatre could be very dangerous for those who have weak eyesight or with a good eye. In the last few years, cinemas have proved to be a major cause of people getting specs specially children. Because the screens are too large and there isn’t any alternative source of light when the film plays, the eyes of people who are watching the film suffer negatively. Thus, it can cause harm to the eyes. It’s best when you can watch those on comparatively smaller screens at your home.

2. External Disturbances

The cinemas are a safe place to watch films and protect us from disturbances , it could be a disadvantage if the people in the vicinity do not recognize that someone other than them is also in the theater and need to be silent. People who are annoying can ruin your idea of having fun. People who are annoyed cause a lot of distraction in the cinema , leading to others being angry and losing the excitement of the movie.

3. Insufficient Customization

One of the major drawbacks of the cinema is they can’t be customized to the needs of our guests. If we’d like to go out for some specific reason, we can’t pause the film and will need to skip certain portions of it. For e.g. when you have a child that is with you, and you decide to the cinema with it, then it won’t be able be able to enjoy the film. However, if you watched it at home, then there won’t be any issues. The issue is more pronounced when you bring older individuals alongside you. Thus, the non-availability of the option of customization in cinemas is one significant reason that you need to give an additional thought.

4. Higher expenses

The massive costs that you have to pay for watching a movie in the cinema is huge problems. Many people prefer to go to cinema halls but they can’t watch them due to the high expenses of the cinema halls. Additionally, the food available and the travel costs to the theater along with parking fees and other related expenses are more expensive, which is absolutely unreasonable. All of this, when taken together, can be a massive amount , which could result in a sort of a slash to our monthly budget.

5. You Are Bound

In the case of the timetable of cinema halls, they have been split into a few slots that are fixed. You have to mould your schedule in accordance with the rules of the theater if you would like to attend a movie there movies. This creates a lot of problem. If you happen to encounter traffic, you could even have to miss the first day first show of your most-awaited film. There are occasions when you must stand in line waiting for their turn to buy tickets. This usually happens when the movie is super successful and it is impossible to obtain tickets before the movie. I can still remember buying tickets that were black to see Avengers Endgame. The problem has reduced by the advent of mobile booking and other application readily available, but this remains to be a problem in a lot of the areas.

Hence, watching movies inside a cinema theater offers advantages and disadvantages. It might be beneficial for people with disabilities and advantageous for those who don’t. People going to cinema should keep these things in mind when planning their trip to the next trip to the cinema.