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Major Health Benefits Of Playing Bingo

While many of us think of bingo as simple entertainment however, it requires a lot of concentration, agility and the ability to be multi-tasking. Take a look at the below guide which will guide you through the major health benefits of playing musical bingo.

While regular bingo play help keep your mind sharp and sharp, it could also aid in avoiding serious diseases of the aging process as you get older. There are likely to be a myriad of health benefits from taking pleasure with a few games of bingo, however for the moment we’ve identified four of the most significant ones.

Bingo sharpens the mind

In 2002 in 2002, the Psychology Department at the University of Southampton carried out a ground-breaking study which revealed that the game of bingo can sharpen your mind dramatically in a variety of ways. The benefits ranged from improved hand-eye coordination, to the ability to solve problems quicker than prior.

Julie Winstone, of the University’s Centre for Visual Cognition, interviewed 112 people in two different age groups that ranged from 18 to 40 years old and 60-82. Within each age range half of participants were required to take part in bingo a couple of hours every day. The majority of people did not participate in the game for any time. In the Annual Conference of the Psychologists Special Interest Group in older People, Winstone revealed that each bingo player was more attentive and precise than those who did not play bingo. Incredibly, bingo players of the older age group performed better than their younger counterparts in specific tasks, particularly when it comes to precision. But, after they quit playing bingo, their newly-discovered abilities started to decline.

Bingo boosts happiness

In The United States, the Mental Health Association of Northeast Florida has been using a form of bingo that was developed in during the 1980s to serve as a method of treatment for people with depression. The appropriate name is Feel Good Bingo, this particular game is essentially identical to traditional bingo in that players strive to win rows or complete a house. The only difference in this variant of the game is that there aren’t numbers, but only symbols that are that are associated with depression-related symptoms like sleep issues, anxiety and feelings of despair. According to the chief executive officer of the non-profit Susan Siemer, visitors often leave the sessions feeling much better than they were when they arrived as well as some stating that they “didn’t realize that depression could be fun”.

The possibility is that this increase in happiness could be due to the endorphins that are released in the brain while we’re enjoying ourselves. Online bingo on websites that offer a wide range of bingo games to choose from which include the variants 70/85 and 90-ball and themed specials are believed to be similar since the game’s excitement increases brain activity and allows players to socialize, thereby less stress. There are numerous studies that prove that playing games that make us happy and bingo is no any different.

Bingo Helps You Heal

Bingo-based therapy isn’t just employed to treat depression however, medical professionals have observed that bingo can boost the health of patients in a variety of ways. In 2011, in fact, Salisbury District Hospital in Wiltshire found that hospitalizations were shorter for patients with a chronic illness who played bingo during their rehabilitation.

The volunteers – who were all students or graduates of the field of psychology were asked to participate in various games with their patients , including bingo for three hours every day. The following year the British Medical Association (BMA) released a second report that backed the notion that keeping patients entertained through bingo games reduced hospitalization. As the trial came to an end, top medical experts were so impressed they announced a national initiative.

Bingo Can Improve Your Memory

It is also a known reality that bingo enhances our capacity to remember things this is repeatedly supported by a range of research studies. The majority of studies we’ve already examined support this belief by proving it with evidence, and demonstrate that bingo keeps our minds active. When you’re done with the day, it’s this game that improves memory, and has been proven to decrease the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

There’s the fact that playing the game requires players to stimulate the memory centers of our brains in a more specific way, because we have to remember what numbers were called and which numbers are still on our cards, and how many calls are likely to take place. All of these elements give our memory centers a excellent workout that leaves lasting impressions in our minds for a long time to come.

Bingo is a great tool to keep us healthy and happy in a consistent routine.