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Why Raw Dog Food is Better for Your Dog’s Health and Wellbeing

Giving your pet a raw diet is one of the most beneficial options for your pet’s overall health and well-being!

Here are the top ten reasons for why you should consider switching to raw dog food

1. Raw is digestible and natural

A diet that is raw is the best option to feed your dog. Similar to humans, take in nutrients more efficiently from whole food sources as opposed to synthetic vitamins which are usually added later when making cans and kibble. Dogs are at their best when they have an dietary plan that is high in protein of the highest quality as well as low in sugars and carbohydrates. Our dog food recipes that are raw are free of additives, fillers, or preservatives that make it difficult for your dog to take in.

2. Skin and coat that are healthy and beautiful

The skin of your dog is the largest organ. If your dog’s body is receiving the nutrients and vitamins it requires, it is evident through the skin! In reverse. Raw food is more bioavailable to pets to digest than conventionally cooked foods and allows organs to take in the required nutrients more effectively. Raw pet food also contains active enzymes that assist the dog break down and consume nutrients. In the absence of these enzymes it’s more difficult for dogs to digest starches or fats as well as protein. This can lead to dry skin, dandruff and fine or thin fur. When you switch your pet from raw the raw in their coat, skin and even how little shed they are!

3. Reduced doggy smell

If dogs eat food that is high in additives, fillers, as well as preservatives it may result in a unpleasant “doggy smell”. Due to the benefits for the coat and skin of your dog, the skin’s surface produces less and oils. The digestive system of your pet is also supported by raw food diets which can reduce or eliminate gas in dogs.

4. There is less poop to scoop

Commercial pet food usually has peas, grains corn and other ingredients that aren’t an element of the diet of a dog. These ingredients are difficult for your dog to digest, resulting to more excrement (aka Poop). Raw food contains organs, meat and bone, all of which that dogs are designed to take in. The components in raw pet food can be broken down and utilized as fuel, meaning less will be thrown away. The poops will also grow harder and after a few days, they become chalky and break down quicker.

5. Allergic relief

Diet is often the most widely blamed pet allergy trigger However, it is often believed that food allergies are actually the result of intolerances that are that are stacked upon top of one another until the immune system of your pet can stop defending the body. One of the main causes of tension on the immune system stems from the poor health of the gut. Unfortunately, the fillers that are used in commercially manufactured pet food products aren’t designed for dogs. They may cause irritation to the digestive system that can weaken our immune system. In time, intolerances could become allergic reactions. Itchy, red paws or ear infections, as well as joint and digestive problems are all frequent allergic reactions. Raw diets that are natural will help to lessen or remove your pet’s allergies.

6. Immune system support

Contrary to commercial pet food, raw dog food is made up of ingredients your dog is biologically designed to consume. By limiting the exposure of your pet to fillers, additives and foods that are not appropriate for species the body of your pet can concentrate on other issues that are more important, such as dealing with environmental and external triggers. The raw food you eat is rich in water, and aids your pet’s health organs.

7. Energy efficiency has increased

If your dog is feeling good you will notice that they are more active! A good raw pet food has no added ingredients and fillers. This means that less energy has to be spent digesting carbohydrates and sugars. Once your dog has switched to raw, you’ll see a change in their step.

8. Hydration is improved

Raw food is more moist and has higher amount of moisture than pet food that is commercially prepared which results in natural water to your dog. Since dogs eating the raw diet get the hydration they need from their food and drink, they are likely to consume less water than their kibble-fed counterparts.

9. Easy control of weight

Did you know that as much as 50 percent in dogs have obesity? Raw diets are an effective way to reduce your pet’s weight, and also improve their overall health! In contrast to kibble, raw pet food is free of sugars or carbohydrates, which could make it more difficult to eliminate.

10. Naturally cleans teeth

The high amount of sugar in commercially prepared pet food can create the ideal conditions for dangerous bacteria to flourish, causing numerous dental issues for dogs. Kibble and canned food may be a problem for your dog’s mouth and cause tartar, plaque as well as bad breath. Food that is raw has less chance to adhere to teeth, thereby keeping your pet’s mouth well-maintained. Raw food also has naturally occurring enzymes that help aid in maintaining dental health.