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Wax melts: Frequently asked questions

Oil burners can be a fantastic method to diffuse essential oils to create a pleasant scent in your home however one technique that often is overlooked is the use of a wax melt. It is piece of wax with an essential oil blend or fragrances and is used instead of essential oils.

How do you make use of wax melts using an oil burner

The first thing you must do is put the burner of your oil on a platform to keep your surfaces safe from burning since it can get extremely hot. Lighting a tea light candle and put it inside your oil burning.

We make our own base wax melts that have scents of star anise, cinnamon and patchouli, which we sell on our site but you are able to make any melt of wax you like. To ensure your health, we recommend using only an essential oil-based wax melt, and not one with synthetic fragrances or has paraffin in it.

Set the wax melt on the top of the burner. The melt will slowly melt, and will begin release aromas throughout your home. The burner will get extremely hot, so be careful not to get it in contact with it.

Take in the aromas of the melt of wax. Once it is completely melting and the scent has gone away it is possible to add another candle in case you wish to continue or blow out the candle and allow it to cool prior to taking care of cleaning and then removing.

Wax melts: frequently asked questions

Do you require a heater to melt wax?

It is necessary to have an oil burner for using wax melts. The method works by placing a candle that is lit in the oil burner. the wax melts are placed on top of the candle and be melting slowly and dispersing the essential oil scent.

Can you reuse the wax melts?

Since melted wax isn’t able to evaporate, you are able to reuse it as many times as you like however, after a time the smell will fade and the melt will require replacement. If you’d like to use the melts of your wax by melting them into a liquid and then adding some drops of essential oils to the melts.

What happens to the wax melts that you have used after using?

Once the scent of the fragrance has disappeared You can either dispose of the wax, or create a new candle, some melts of wax or to secure the letters.

Which melts of wax smell longest?

Based on experience, paraffin candles retain their scent for the longest amount of time, except if the fragrance is synthetic. This is due to the fact that synthetic fragrances generally last for longer time than the natural essential oil. Soy wax has an increased melting point and can disperse essential oil naturally faster than paraffin, however beeswax can remain odorless for the longest period of time.

A brand that makes use of more essential oils to make their wax melts last longest, but there is a limit to the quantity and therefore when excessive essential oils are employed during the process of making the wax melt, it could pose a fire risk.

What are the reasons people buy wax melts?

Wax melts are handy and let you place the wax melt over your oil burner without worrying about pouring essential oil in and dissolving it using water. Utilizing wax melts in comparison to essential oils means that the scent lasts longer and gradually disperse. They’re also cheap and provide a way to have a safe and enjoyable experience with the natural scents.

Do you have the ability to blend different melting waxes?

Absolutely and we’d strongly recommend it. It is possible to mix different scents to create new ones, and you might discover something you like. Certain scents could work well together are citrus and lemon as well as star anise and cinnamon lavender and patchouli

What are the best ways to use melts of wax?

To make use of the best wax melts, all you need to do is put an open candle inside the oil burner and then place the melt of wax on the top. The melt will slowly melt to release essential oils. Once the wax is completely melting and the scent is gone, let it cool slightly before pouring it into a container that is heatproof. It could later be disposed of into the garbage bin. You can also reuse the wax in order to make additional wax melts.

How do wax burners function?

Wax burners operate by keeping the uniform distribution of heat from an tea light candle in order to gradually disperse essential wax melts. The burner’s window lets the light to give off the appearance of a warm glow, which is ideal for setting a mood.