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Fireworks buying guide

A charred, burning smell is still in the air from the number of skyrockets with stars that have been released into the night sky in the last several days. With huge celebrations for Bonfire night and Diwali getting closer to an end, everyone is sure to be familiar with the iconic pops and booming sounds of distant fireworks explosions. This evening, I counted a total of 72 bangs within my own local district.

So what is all this excitement about fireworks? What’s the fuss regarding them?

The fireworks are explosives that are made up of combustible chemical substances such as gunpowder. Once heated, they can cause amazing effects by the explosions.

However, hidden behind these beautiful patterns, are some major and dangerous negative effects. The smoke that is released by fireworks could enter the soil, air and water, and could affect the environment (causing problems like acid rain and global dimming). Additionally fireworks have also been a cause of many serious accidents such as horrific burns, sometimes even death at times. In Kingston hospital in Kingston, A&E staff advise residents to be ‘careful when handling sparklers as they can cause burns and injuries to fingers’

“Fireworks are lovely to view but they are noisy and distracting’ a local resident of Kingston upon thames, Anitha Sanjeevappa said while her local neighbors proceeded to blast some fireworks into the sky. Fireworks are known for causing an abundance of noise pollution, and could cause hearing loss due to the large amounts of sound generated.

But fireworks are required for both religious and patriotic celebrations. Diwali the festival of “lights,” is famous because of the story of Rama and Sita when they returned back to their home country to be greeted by a crowd celebrating with light. What better way could be there to celebrate Diwali than by lighting up fireworks which use light to create stunning effects?

This is not the only reason that people observe Bonfire night to fulfill the sole purpose of using fireworks due to it relation to the famous gunpowder saga of 1605 in which Guy Fawkes tried to kill King James the first using the chemical. The fireworks, made from gunpowder and offering stunning entertainment to their viewers, is probably the best method to remember the day.

In the end, it’s clear that there are more disadvantages in using fireworks than there are benefits. However, the problems caused by fireworks could be drastically reduced when people decide to not handle them at home but rather attended professional fireworks displays which would provide the same amount of joy and entertainment (maybe possibly even) in the end. In addition, this can decrease the overall amount of fireworks that are used. This could be linked to reducing chance of developing global health issues and reducing amount of workload for doctors, since fewer people end up injured by the explosions.

Making the wrong choice of fireworks in your garden is dangerous.

In the current cost of living issue, we all need to save money. But many sellers of cheap fireworks aren’t making it clear which category you’re buying. The marketplaces on the internet don’t have to verify the security of the products they sell.

Follow our guide to ensure that you purchase fireworks in a safe manner this Diwali along with Bonfire Night.

Find out where you can buy

Be sure to look for an organization that is a member in The British Fireworks Association (BFA). All the fireworks they sell have been tested, so you’ll know they’re compliant with the current UK safety standards.
If you are able choose reputable retailers, and avoid pop-up shops.
When shopping online, look for companies who offer helpful advice about what category of fireworks you should purchase for your garden. If the seller’s website doesn’t provide the different categories of fireworks, locate one that does.
Be careful when buying products from online marketplaces. Remember, online marketplaces do not have any responsibility for the safety of the products they offer.
Avoid buying fireworks via posts in your social media.

Learn your categories

Fireworks fall into four different categories:

Category 1 is indoor fireworks.
Category 2 fireworks are suitable to average-sized family back gardens.
Category 3 fireworks require at least a safety distance of at least 25 metres which is much more than the average backyard garden! While non-professionals can purchase them however, they are designed specifically for huge display.
Category 4 is meant for professional use only.

Do not be enticed by an untrustworthy dealer who is trying to sell you fireworks that are too huge for your garden!

Other tips for buying securely

Do you realize that all fireworks should be inspected against safety standards to ensure certain that they’re not hazardous? Don’t assume that, just because someone has the ability to sell you something, it will be safe!
Only buy fireworks marked with security standards (BS-EN 15947-2015).