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Why Use Time Tracking Software?

Whatever size or kind of business you operate managing the hours of your employees can be a challenge and messy at times.

Why do you need to track employee time?

Let’s begin with the basic concepts. The process involves capturing the hours of one’s work to ensure that they get paid at the time they have paid their bill.

As a boss or manager If you’re a manager or boss, you’ve likely heard the classic phrase, “Don’t forget to log your time throughout the day.” The process of getting everyone to keep track of their time may seem like shepherding rogue animals. In addition, using manual timesheets could raise issues of dishonesty and excessive overtime and even time theft. Yikes.

This is why time tracking essential. There are numerous benefits of time tracking, and there are a variety of fields that time tracking could be applied to. So let’s look at it.

7 amazing benefits of monitoring your team’s hours

Apart from the obvious benefits in knowing how long the employee worked, tracking your team’s work hours with time tracking software offers many advantages. Here are seven reasons why tracking time can benefit your business.

1. Improve profitability

Track time accurately and determine the whereabouts of your cash. Check project budgets and adjust tasks when things aren’t going according to the plan you’d made for.

2. Pay and bill accurately

If team members are tracking their time for particular tasks, or are while working on a project it can help set clear objectives for everyone . It also eliminates any the confusion about what everyone is expected to be doing.

3. Establish clear goals

If your team members track their time for specific tasks or are in the middle of performing them, this is helpful to create clear goals for everyone and helps eliminate confusion over what everyone is supposed to be doing.

4. Enhance productivity

Utilizing a time-tracking application can help teams remain on track with ongoing projects. Check out any possible hiccups that occur in your day-to-day activities and utilize that knowledge to develop strategies that will help your team become more productive at work.

5. Improve the management of projects

Time tracking can provide a direct line of sight to measure the amount of time you and your staff take to complete tasks completed. Managers can make better decisions about the next projects and increase team capacity.

6. Transparency

With the help of tracking software, team members can record their hours in a way that is automatic and provide the public a view of their work which helps managers to keep employees accountable.

7. Better communicate progress

If an employee is tracking their time and time, they’ll be able notify their bosses that they’re able to meet deadlines during work hours which makes more easy for groups to convey their demands to managers and coworkers.

The disadvantages of time tracking

Although time tracking is beneficial for many businesses but there are a few negatives to be considered before deciding whether using time tracking in your work environment is the right decision for your company.

In weighing the advantages and disadvantages of tracking time the first thing you should consider is what your team members’ reaction will be. feel about the fact that you’ll be able to monitor their work activities. Although this might not be all that significant for some (probably people who are doing the things they’re supposed to do at work) however, people who are used to binge watching cat videos and swooning over the photos of their favorite friend’s babies might not be as enthusiastic. This is only going to boost productivity even for those who do not have to work as hard and therefore, it’s a advantage and an investment for your company in the longer term. Learn how to encourage employees to record their time here.

Another reason to be aware of is that employees might start to feel like they’re under surveillance constantly. An overtly invasive impression at work isn’t the ideal scenario for people in an office environment. If you’re using an advanced time tracking application that doesn’t store any personal information , and instead observes what’s going on in the momentit doesn’t need much to worry about.