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Why use Quality Uniforms and Workwear?

How can you tell whether workwear is of good quality?

High-quality workwear gives the wearer the best performance, comfort and durability. Simply put, it appears more sophisticated, is easier to wear as well as lasts for longer. This is due to the quality of the fabrics as well as the robust manufacturing process and rigorous quality control procedures implemented to prevent sub-par products from ever reaching the final consumer.

Poor quality or good quality?

A brand new polo shirt sweatshirt, pants or jacket made of fleece that is fresh from its packaging, will always appear neat and stylish. In the beginning, it might not be obvious at first whether the item is of good or of poor quality.

Most of the time, it’s not until your employees begin wearing clothes for a long amount of time and have gone through several wash cycles when you begin to observe that things aren’t going as well the way you’d like them to be. At that point, it’s too late to take action to address it.

The lower quality fabrics won’t maintain their color like higher-quality ones. They are more likely to fade over time as washes are repeated. This is due to the fact that they can’t be dyed at these high temperatures and the color isn’t as deeply embedded into the material as it is on better quality fabrics.

Stitching can break in time due to wear and tear and features such as zips or toggle fasteners can be damaged or stuck.

How long should workwear last?

This is a issue that is frequently. First thing to decide is the meaning of how long the wearables last. It’s about how long will it last in its shape and colour? It is possible to wear work clothes once they’ve lost colour. Once they look wornout, but they end up being a poor reflection of your company and must be replaced. In this regard there’s no definitive date for how long an item of workwear can last due to the specific requirements of the individual role and workplaces. But, as a rule of thumb we can inform you that it’s usually more than what most people imagine!

We’d expect top-quality workwear to maintain its shape and colour that will give your company a positive brand image for a period of 12-18 months or longer. All of our workwear comes with an 18-month warranty, and we can assist companies in making the changes needed to ensure that a pair of safety gloves will last in appearance and functionality for at least one month.

If your clothing isn’t last longer than you think it should, or wish it would then it’s probably the time to find a new supplier for your workwear. There are a lot of companies offering top-quality clothing, how can you differentiate the legitimate ones from fakes? It is important to know certain things to watch to look…

Spotting sub-standard workwear: top tips

Stitching: Check seams. The best garments are triple-stitched to ensure durability. Any item that has a single and, often double crossed lines of stitching must be avoided since it is a sign of poor manufacturing practices.

Bar tacks: Look for bar tacks placed on places of stress on garments, particularly pants. These can help reinforce and extend the life of the item.

Fabric weight You can ask your supplier about the weight of the fabric that each garment is made of and expressed as grams/square metres (GSM). For reference the typical work polo is 220 GSM. Any lighter-weight garment could not be durable enough to meet the demands of the majority of work conditions, so think about products made of wicking fabrics rather than cotton if you think it is most likely to get too hot.

Zips – Select products with zips that are marked “YKK” on them. YKK are the gold standard in zips. All their products are warranted to last for the lifetime of the item.

Reinforcement seams – Look under the pockets on trousers as well as in the backs of polo shirts sweatshirts, and fleeces. There should be additional stitching on these areas to give durability to the garment in wear and also help it maintain its shape throughout the years. Seams are crucial for maintaining shape, but they also increase the cost of clothing.

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Fleece jacket Fleece fabric begins as thick, and then is cut according to length based on the requirements. The shorter shaves cost more to purchase, however they will appear more stylish for longer because there’s less depth on the fabric and less chance of it getting caught in or catching debris that gets trapped within the fibers. The embossed logos appear better when paired with a shorter shave. Do not be afraid to inquire with an agent about the amount of shave that they apply to the fleece fabric of the clothes they supply. A reputable supplier will answer your questions about the items they provide.

There are a lot more aspects you should be looking for to ensure you’re wearing high top-quality workwear. If you’d like to learn more about the process and comprehend it better, connect with me or our team. I’m always available to talk!