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Why register a trademark in 2023?

If you do not register your trademark, someone else could. This puts your company and any service or product development that you’re working on at risk. A trademark registration protects your brand and gives you the means to stop someone else from with similar trademarks from riding on from your company. If you fail to secure your brand by registration then you might find that it is illegal to expanding your company. If your trademark is registered, you are in your rights to bring legal action against anyone who has attempted to register trademarks that are in conflict or operate with different brands that are damaging your business.

When your service or product is successful, your trademark begins to gain its own intrinsic worth. Business investors will determine if you have taken the proper legal protection of your trademark to safeguard your name.

There are three main reasons to apply for a trademark.

1. Avoiding unwelcome change

The name change of the company is an expensive and difficult process. After having built a solid image for your company however, it could cost you substantial marketing expenses to create the brand name that you have renamed. If a logo, symbol or name isn’t registered you are always at chance that another company could sign it, causing significant problems in the future, for instance by trying to stop your company from expanding or operating with its current name.

2. Building value

As a result prospective investors will always be curious about whether an organization has registered its name as a trademark, essential items or products. Trademark registration does not just increase security, but it also provides transparency in any franchising or merger of the company and positively impacts the value of its brand.

3. Protection

It is crucial in ensuring that the company is properly protected from the threat of competition. Inappropriate parties that use your trademark without authorization can harm your brand, image and your business however, they’re usually in a legal weak spot and could be stopped from creating damage quickly. By registering your trademark , you are creating an obstruction to entry to your name which makes it more difficult for businesses to copy your trademark.

There are two main considerations to be considered. First, ensure that your company is adequately protected in the country that it has plans to establish operations in, and the second is that your company is secure throughout the various types of products or services it offers.

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