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Exhibiting in 2023

Another year has rolled around, and just like that we’re in 2023. With the year just beginning, the exhibition season will start kicking off and new dates will be added. Starting the new year out with a fresh marketing and exhibition plan proves a strong start to the year, but there’s still plenty of time to get prepared if you’re currently not.

Research shows

If your exhibition show knowledge is lacking, it really doesn’t matter. At the start of the year take a look at the shows that are taking place around the UK and compile a list.

Having a clear list of show names and locations will make it clear which events you would like to attend and those that aren’t appropriate for you. Once you have a better idea of types of tradeshows you can attend, you’ll be in a better position to continue planning throughout the year.

Exhibition Displays

If you’ve not exhibited for a while, or haven’t got back into the swing of things since COVID, it might be an ideal to unpack your old exhibition stand and equipment. If it’s been in storage for a while, you’ll want to check that everything works okay and that it’s still in good condition.

Making an inventory of what you have, will keep you organised and if you do want to add to your displays it will be evident what you do and don’t already have.

Relaxed Exhibiting

Only a few years ago, the way exhibitions went ahead completely changed due to COVID-19. It changed for a good reason, and the aim was to keep everyone as safe as possible. But nearly 3 years on, we’ve almost reverted back to square one.

In 2023 you’ll find less restrictions and more opportunities to get in front of customers and new businesses.

Exhibition Budgets

As a new year begins, it’s time to evaluate your budgets. You can do this by understanding how they were used in 2022 and where you see them going now. Attending exhibitions require a large pot of funds and isn’t cost effective.

If the plan is to go to more events, you need to make sure that which ever event you attend and regardless of how much you spend, you’ll maximise the opportunity. This includes taking the right people, spending the money on the right displays, picking the optimal stand space and having a clear vision of returning the investment.