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Advantages of Kitting Out Your Office With Used Furniture

The process of furnishing your office space can be an overwhelming job. If you’re remodeling an existing office or creating a fresh one, furniture you choose to use is more than just filling the office with essential things. The ambience and design are crucial for the efficiency of staff as well as the overall perception of your brand. Identifying your budget and obtaining the most price for your money should always be top of mind, and purchasing used office furniture might be the best option. Let’s take a look at the benefits of purchasing used office furniture, which will outweigh the obvious financial benefits.


Most often, the main reason for choosing the used furniture for office is cost. Office furniture that is used can be purchased at less than the price of brand new, which means that your budget will be able to stretch by purchasing higher-end brands without sacrificing the quality. It’s been demonstrated that startups companies, for instance typically save as much as 80 percent over new furniture, and the majority of buyers not being able to differentiate between new and used furniture. In reality used office furniture can be found in mint state.


Office furniture that is used is better to the planet. When you buy lightly used furniture for your office you’re helping to save the planet from the use of carbon-based fuels and raw material and the general waste that could be generated by the manufacture of new furniture. Actually, buying and installing used furniture eliminates almost 90% of the environmental harm caused by office equipment that is new. At Office Furniture 2 Go, we strive to offer used office furniture to our clients not just because it makes business sense however, it is also due to our dedication towards recycling as well as “re-purposing” used office furniture. Utilizing used furniture in your business will allow you to make a difference for your business and the environment!


If you choose to purchase second-hand office furniture you’re typically buying items that will last a lifetime but although they might sound old with certain (not the entire) furniture pieces the adage of “they don’t make these pieces like that anymore” is actually the case. If you buy used office furniture that is that is made from real materials such as metal and wood guarantees that your investment will last this year, next year and maybe 10 years later down future.

Quick delivery

Sometimes, buyers will discover that they will have to wait for several weeks, or even months to receive the furniture they have purchased to set up an office. However many of the used office furniture is delivered in a matter of minutes. As opposed to brand new office furniture the used furniture is usually ready to use when they arrive and do not require assembly. Furthermore, since used furniture is often sourced from multiple sources, your options are typically much wider.

Furniture that is new or used come with advantages and disadvantages. It’s about choosing what’s appropriate for your business and your budget and the type of environment you wish your employees and customers to live in every day, which is why we offer both.

We have a range of second-hand office furniture, including second-hand office desks to second-hand office chairs as well as reception area seating options and a host of other premium office furniture items.